Monange fosters a support network among women with the #AGenteSeCuidaAssim campaign

Sisterhood is a name for empathy, cooperation and acceptance among women. This term represents the search for an end to historical inequalities and oppression and proof that together women are always stronger. To reinforce the importance of this meaning,Monang– a reference in understanding the beauty of Brazilian women, offering a complete portfolio of skin, body and hair care products that belongThe Coty Groupin Brazil – starts a movement#AGenteSeCuidaAssim,which starts with films on digital platforms with real narratives and takes place in social media, as a way to encourage women to tell their stories from sisterhood, celebrating Women’s Day.

The initiative is to strengthen the collective and mutual support, besides being a continuation of the #EuMeCuidoAssim movement that the brand launched in 2022. Faced with a society that insists on the separation and fragmentation of women’s relationships, it is increasingly clear that the struggle of the movement for women’s rights must be plural, collective and social. With this in mind, to launch the #AGenteSeCuidaAssim movement, real reports will be collected from women who, under certain circumstances, have been cared for by others.

As a self-care brand, Monange knows that no one can better understand their bodies’ needs and the routine that works best for each of them. On the other hand, she understands the importance of a support network for women to take care of each other’s mental and physical health. After all, having your mind, heart, and even body taken care of by special people makes everyday life so much easier.

Regiane Bueno, Vice President of Marketing at Grupo Cotypoints out:

“Conversing with the current position of Monange, which brings the importance of self-care and personal well-being, and considering the understanding of the important social role that the date has, we felt that, as a brand, it would be important to bring the issue of sisterhood as the protagonist of the Women’s Day campaign. The idea is to stimulate thinking so that they can, more and more, fight together for their rights, always breaking patterns and stereotypes.”

During the month of March, the brand will create three films for the digital environment. And in order for the action to gain more power, influencers like Manuela Xavier (@manuelaxavier), Dora Figueiredo (@dorafigueiredo), Maíra Azevedo (@tiamaoficial), Ellore Haonne (@ellorahaonne) and Gabriele Loran (@gabrielaloran) and others will share on on their social networks, such as Instagram and TikTok, stories or situations that have experienced the safety provided by the women’s alliance, inviting their community to participate in the chain and share their experiences using #AGenteSeCuidaAssim.

Check out one of the videos Monange made:

In addition, influencer and psychoanalyst Manuela Xavier will also participate in Bom Dia’s podcast, Obvious, hosted by Marcela Ceribelli, as a guest, and at the beginning of the month she will also give a lecture to Coty employees on the topic of the campaign. Another important partnership during the month takes place with the podcast “Não inviabilize”, presented by Déia Freitas, who will announce the action and tell the stories of her followers in one of the frames of the program.

All brand actions for Women’s Month were created by Talent Marcel, thinking about expanding the positioning of “EuMeCuidoAssim”, bringing to the month the idea of ​​collective and sisterhood. “On a date of extreme social importance for women, a women’s brand whose main purpose is to talk about sisterhood through real stories and create a place for women to feel comfortable and encouraged to share their stories where sisterhood also matters. made a difference in support, it is a relevant and fundamental way of providing care to Brazilian women.

The campaign #AGenteSeCuidaAssim addresses this importance of empathy among women and promotes identification between applications, because together we are stronger and in many situations we must count on the support of another woman so that physical and mental self-care can happen in a more gentle and safe way.” commented Camila Dalle Piagge and Mariana Villela, associate creative directors of the agency.”

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