Monange promotes sisterhood in #AGenteSeCuidaAssim

The campaign is a continuation of the #EuMeCuidoAssim movement, which was launched in 2022. Promotions were created by Talented Marcel.

Monange has launched a campaign for International Women’s Day, which was celebrated last Wednesday (8), which aims to strengthen partnership and compassion for women, titled: #AGenteSeCuidaAssim.

The movement has films on digital platforms with real stories exposed in the media as a way to encourage women to tell their friendship stories.


“Speaking to Monange’s current position, which brings the importance of self-care and personal well-being, and given the understanding of the important social role that the date has, we thought that as a brand it was important to: to bring the sorority issue as a protagonist of the Women’s Day campaign. The idea is to encourage reflection so that they can fight more and more together for their rights, always breaking standards and stereotypes,” said Regian Bueno, Vice President of Marketing at Grupo Coty.

During the month of March, the brand will create three digital-oriented films featuring influencers such as Manuela Xavier, Dora Figueiredo, Maira Azevedo, Ellora Jaone, Gabriela Laurent and others who will share on their social networks stories or situations experienced by the women’s alliance. provided security by inviting their community to join the chain and share their experiences #AGenteSeCuidaAssim.

In addition, influencer and psychoanalyst Manuela Xavier will also participate in the podcast Good morning, obviously, which features Marcela Ceribelli as a guest and will also be giving a lecture to Coty employees earlier in the month addressing the theme of the campaign. Another important collaboration during the month is with a podcast don’t get distractedpresented by Deja Freitas, who will publicize the action and tell the stories of her followers in one of the program’s panels.

The initiative is the support between the community and them, as well as the continuation of that movement. #EuMeCuidoAssimwhich launched the brand in 2022. Monange promotions for Women’s Month were created by Talent Marcel.

“The campaign #AGenteSeCuidaAssim addresses the importance of compassion between women and promotes identification between reports, because yes, we are stronger together and in many situations we need to rely on the support of another woman so that physical and mental self-care is possible in softer and gentler people. a safer way,” said the agency’s creative directors Camilla Dalle Piaget and Mariana Villela.

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