Moraes issues a new arrest warrant for Roberto Jefferson and mentions the attempted murder of police officers

The former MP threw a grenade at Federal Police agents after the first arrest attempt

Jefferson is under house arrest and has been investigated in the digital militia investigation

MINISTER Alexandre de Moraesof the Federal Supreme Court (STF), published a new court decision ordering the arrest of the former deputy Robert Jefferson (PTB), this Sunday afternoon, the 23rd. The second order was issued following the attacks on police officers who were enforcing the first court order and stipulates that the arrest be made at any time, as Jefferson suits the case in flagrante delicto for the attack on Federal Police officers (Federal Police). They went to the house of Jefferson, in the commandant Levy Gasparian, in the south of the state of Rio de Janeiro, and were hit by fragments of a grenade thrown by him in the corporation. “As was widely reported in the press, Federal Police agents, when they showed up at the defendant’s home to comply with the preventive arrest order, were attacked by ROBERTO JEFFERSON, who has thus far resisted arrest, firing a firearm. and throwing grenades at the police. team, with the unfortunate result of two wounded officers. Even the accused himself has admitted this fact, in the videos circulating on social networks. As can be seen, the behavior of ROBERTO JEFFERSON, when he shoots at police officers, theoretically constitutes a double crime of attempted murder (Article 121 k/c Article 14, II, both of the Criminal Code. ), finding out if the agent in flagrante delicto , pursuant to Article. 302 of the Code of Criminal Procedure”, the minister wrote.

According to point XI of article 5 of the Federal Constitution, court orders can only be executed during the day. The text states that the home is an inviolable asylum for the individual and no one can enter it without the resident’s consent, except in cases of flagrant crime or disaster, or to provide assistance, or, during the day, by court order. The decision of Moraes shows that the person who commits the criminal offense is considered in flagrante delicto, as soon as he has committed it or immediately after that, instruments, weapons, items or papers are found on him that make him assume that he is the author of the criminal offense. violation. “IN LIGHT OF ALL OF THE FOREGOING, REGARDLESS OF THE TIME, I ORDER THE FEDERAL POLICE TO COMPLY WITH THE WARRANTY OF Expedited ARREST AND/OR ARREST IN FLAGRANGE CRIME. The intervention of any authority in the opposite direction, to unjustly delay or interrupt the execution of the act, will be considered a misdemeanor crime”, he defended.

Initially, Moraes removed the house arrest from the former deputy after he recorded a video attacking the minister. Carmen Lucia, whom he called a “slut” and a “prostitute” – he was banned from using social media. After the first attempt by the police, the head of the press and social communication office of the PF in Rio, Habib Mikhael Ammari, stated that federal officers went to the target’s house to comply with the arrest warrant established yesterday by the STF and during the stage chair this morning . “The target reacted to the approach of the PF who was preparing to enter the apartment. “Two police officers were hit by a shell, but they are fine.” The pilot of the Mensalão scandal, Jefferson is investigated in the investigation of digital militias, which investigates the existence of a criminal organization that would have acted to attack the Democratic State of Law.

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