More than 1,500 animals were killed during Neuralink testing

Elon Musk has lost what little respect he had in my eyes. Cruelty to animals crosses all borders.

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year Elon Musk does a lot to alienate the public. People begin to see that beneath the mask of a laid-back businessman is a man who pushes his employees to work beyond their capabilities and whose management style is based on making the most of subordinates. We see this very strongly with Twitter, where after most people are laid off, people are expected to work 15-hour days to maintain the service. At the same time, Musk has shown that he will do many things that will be talked about in a good or bad light. I mean, of course, the issues of stopping support for Starlink receivers sent to Ukraine or even the claims that Ukraine should give a part of the country to Russia.

Now animal abuse must also be added to the list of things Musk can’t like

As reported by the Reuters news agency, at Neuralink, the company that creates a tool widely promoted by Musk, which allows us to directly connect our brain to a computer and thus operate the equipment, the working conditions are not different from those of Twitter. The difference, however, is that in the case of Neuralink, local technologies are tested on live animals. The mere fact that such experiments are taking place is morally reprehensible from my point of view, but that is not the whole story. Elon Musk implemented a similar work culture at Neuralink, constantly rushing employees and thus forcing them to make mistakes that could have been avoided. Mistakes that cost the lives of animals.

According to their employees, more than 1,500 animals, including pigs, sheep and monkeys, have lost their lives since the project began, and most of those deaths could have been avoided if only the working conditions at Neuralink hadn’t been dictated. Elon Musk. That, in turn, makes him responsible for those deaths. So much so that a federal animal abuse case has been filed in which, if the charges are upheld, Musk has a chance of being found guilty.

This also shows how far Neuralink is from any progress. As we can read in the accounts of the employees, deaths often occur as a result of the placement of the chip itself, or “the size of the chip does not correspond to the size of the animal”. I’m very curious if, with this kind of knowledge, the project will find many people willing to test it on humans. However, despite this, humans know “what they signed up for” and animals do not. They cannot agree to a risky procedure that could lead to their death. Therefore, while I know that animal testing is an integral part of many fields, particularly medicine, I believe that it should be limited where possible and, if not possible, ensured that it does not cause more death and suffering than absolutely necessary.

Neuralink does not meet any of these criteria. Not only is this a dream at this stage, an unnecessary gadget, a vision currently realized mostly in PR, but because of the kind of person Elon Musk is, he causes more suffering to animals in laboratories than is necessary.

If I had any remnants of respect for Musk as a human being, they just flew away.


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