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More than 20 people decided to modify their appearance and became more satisfied with the result / Unbelievable

Of course, everyone has a small detail whose appearance they would like to change. For example, correcting the shape of the nose, eyebrows or even dyeing the hair a different color. With this in mind, we have selected photos of the transformations of Internet users who were not afraid to try something new and decided to change their appearance to share it with you.

“First day after microblading. I look in the mirror literally every minute.”

“My new surgery”

“Six months after surgery”

“Then my chewing got better, my sleep got better and I started to feel less pain in my jaw joint and headaches”

“I just had my eyebrows microbladed. What do you think?”

“I went back to the ‘dark side of the force'”

“Almost a year and a half passed after the surgery and I finally got the braces off”

“The chin moved 5 millimeters forward and down, the lower jaw – 10 millimeters forward and the chin – 5 millimeters down and back”

“Before and after blepharoplasty”

Results two weeks after surgery to remove excess skin

“I had four teeth removed due to lack of space. My dentist assured me that once the teeth start settling in, it will get better. It’s been seven months and it’s getting better!”

“It’s amazing how a nose can make you look so different”

“Before and after genioplasty. Six months after surgery”

Eyebrows can really change your appearance

“How a hair transplant changed my life”

“Before and after facial fillers”

“I took off the braces”

“Six months after rhinoplasty”

“Before and after blepharoplasty”

“I repaired the right upper eyelid”

“What do you think of these new angles? I’m 57 and have a bit of hair in my area”

“I was confident and positive before the surgery. The lips and the area around them have changed the most.

When you stop shaving for five weeks and you start looking like a completely different person

“Two years and 20 days later, my braces were removed today”

A year and a half difference and a nose job between the pictures

What details of your appearance would you like to change? Have you ever had cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery? Share your stories and photos with us in the comments section.

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