More than twenty Brad Pitt tattoos in detail

With an ink stroke, Brad Pitt writes on his body many symbols, initials, phrases and drawings that represent important moments from the different stages he went through in his life. all of them body tattoos tienen un porqué y podría decirse que es la star de Hollywood con los designs más variopintos, but mysterious, although there are several theories about each of them. He has appeared in many films, showing off his torso – and with it causing a great sensation – such as in Troy, The Lucha Club The He was once in Hollywoodwhere the magic of the cinema does not come from his real tattoos, but thanks to the images we published this week on the pages of ¡HOLA!, of his getaway with Ines de Ramón in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico), we can find all of them… all the cases .

Moreover, in the last few years, which were marked by his divorce from Angelina Jolie and his open war in the courts, he decided to change many of them and even has llegado repeating laser to leave no trace of anyone. Small strokes of paint that hide a story behind which we try to analyze the root of this journey just made your new couplethe first woman the actor has been seen with since his marriage to Angelina Jolie broke up in 2016. We take a look at the actor’s tattoos one by one. We counted twenty-five.

HOLA 4094 Brad Pitt© LagenciaGrosby
Brad Pitt with Ines de Ramon sunbathing by the pool during their vacation in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico).



On his forearm he has one of the first dibujos that he kept permanently on his skin and one of the most familiar and original, Yotzi the Iceman. This is a sketch of the silhouette of this mummy, the oldest in Europe, which was discovered in 1991 by two German mountaineers in the Alps, on the border of Australia and Italy, and while analyzing it, died around 3255 BC .he is the first tattooed person, with more than sixty drawings on his body.

Next to it is the phrase in French: “The Absurdities of Existence”, which translates as “the absurdity of existence”; and below the Latin word Invictus, second apuntan, after the poem of the same name by the 19th-century English writer William Ernest Henley. Plus you have the figures 94.9 mwhich is believed to be the tallest meters of sequoia on the planet.

Por si fuera poco, en el biceps de sese mismo brazo, tiene una moto, que es one of your biggest fans and has a large collection of them in his garage.

Brad Pitt HOLA4094©GTres
The actor at the 2019 Venice Film Festival, where he showed off his arm tattoos.


On this forearm you have one of the most significant, get a large extended cross the initial of Angelina Jolie and that of her six sons, “M” for Maddox, “P” for Pax, “Z” for Zahara, “S” for Shiloh, “K” for Knox and “V” for Vivienne. This tattoo has undergone a change as it is drawn on the widest line of the waist reservoir, which could represent the war he lived with his ex-husband after the breakup. Cerca del codo soprendía el año pasta dejando ver un nuevo dibujo: bee.

Brad Pitt HOLA4094©GTres
The original tattoo of Angelina’s initials and her six sons before she modified it with a tank above the line that crosses her forearm.

On the inside of the bicep is an English translation of a thirteenth century poem by the Persian poet Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, who says thus: “There is a field beyond all notions of good and evil. I’ll meet you there.” A beautiful declaration of love, next to the one I drew tree and later, silhouette of a person with his shadow.

On the outside of the arm he also recently had two bad tattoos, skull and the sentence Amor Fati“, What is the meaning of “love fate” or “love fate” that Nietzsche uses to define the superman’s attitude to life for accepting fate as a necessity and one of the theories that is due to this way of seeing life of the famous philosopher.

Brad Pitt HOLA4094© GettyImages
In Venecia dejó to see that together with the poem of his bicep he drew the silhouette with the shadow of a person and in his campaign for the company DeLonghi we saw the tank on his arm and the new tattoo of the bee.


One of the most spectacular ones you have is under the shoulder where you have the words written “Alpha and Omega”. Before you make these drawings, get them Angelina Jolie’s date of birth in “Khmer” – the language of Cambodia, where Maddox was born – both tattoos coexist, but in one of the promotional acts of the last year of the film High speed train dejó de manifesto que ha borrado con laser la closure de cumpleaños.

HOLA 4094 Brad Pitt© GettyImages
The Alpha and Omega tattoo, along with the one that led to Angelina’s now-stained birth pen.

You also have a Sak Yant“, a name by which the sacred tattoos made from ancient times in Thailand, believed to have a magical meaning, are known. Next to him, on the side that Izquierdo takes the piece of the letter Bob Dylan’s song When the deal fails, specifically this sentence: “We live and die, we don’t know why. But I’ll be with you when the deal is done” (We live and die, we don’t know why. But I will be with you when the deal is done).

Below you have hurricanewhich occurred after Katrina’s devastating passage through New Orleans in August 2005. Elle and Angelina bought property in the city’s French Quarter and helped rebuild the houses.

HOLA 4094 Brad Pitt© LagenciaGrosby
Brad Pitt, fifty years old, in a photo taken a few days ago in Mexico.

I don’t have it on my side tree, many indicate what you are about your film Tree of Life, since 2011; and on the chest, around his legitimate shoulder, there appears to be an abstract drawing on very fine lines.

back and legs

Once, boarding a plane, attention was drawn to the geometric designs he had tattooed on his back. There has been a lot of speculation as to what it was, the meaning and the opinion, it was the mouth of a drawing that Angelina made on the napkin and which we don’t know if she decided to erase it or replace it with another drawing. Also, have one figures of the height of homoplatuswhich is also a mystery.

HOLA 4094 Brad Pitt© LagenciaGrosby/GettyImages

En cuanto a las piernas, en uno de los estrenos de High speed trainfrom where she never ceases to surprise with her styles red carpet after red carpet, lévo una falda, with which she lució three tattoos: skull, rhinoceros and round ethnic drawing, similar to Thai tattoos. Now, when you come back to see your feet in Mexico in detail, we find that you have others geometric more to the left, although it is not well distinguished from what it is.

We have had six decades – he will complete sixty years en diciembre – of unique experiences, triumphs, disappointments, loves and dislikes this khan left the huel on the ground in his heart and in his soul, the bell also in his skin. But with reading, you can say goodbye to the past – in this case the laser blast– and keep looking for bad adventures… because I still have stuff to fill.

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