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Moreau counters Alkmin on Marcola transfer

Photo: Reproduction / Social Media

A little later at the press conference The Globo Debate, Sergio Moro (photo) criticized Geraldo Alkmin for correctional policy leaders of criminal gangs. As we have shown, the former governor read an excerpt from a book where a former judge makes an appeal Jair Bolsonaro to cancel the transfer of Marcola.

Moreau shot Against Lula’s argument and came out in support of Bolsonaro, with whom he had separated since 2020.

“That’s it episode that Alckmin spoke, we have really planned the transfer of the leaders of this faction. It had President Bolsonaro’s agreement. In the past, he expressed concern and even considered canceling the operation, but he canceled it.”Moro said.

“If there was any apprehension, it was because of that two days at most, and the president himself changed his mind (…). Oh PT Goa and Geraldo Alcmin released in light of the deaths of 50 police officers and the terrorist attacks in Sao Paulo in 2006.”

During the debate, President Jair Bolsonaro made a comeback suggest Lula’s connection to PCC leaders and said that the PT did not have the courage to transfer Marcola to a maximum security prison.

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