Motorola Moto G73 5G in all its glory

In 2022, Motorola smartphones were on almost every shelf as a synonym for good value for money. The Motorola Moto G73 5G is the opposite of that. I really hope we’re looking at another smartphone right now.

It’s impossible to argue that in 2022 Motorola has offered the best cheap phones out there. Hurry up to love them because they will be gone soon. Motorola Moto G73 5G – if today’s leak is to be believed – it won’t be that cool. It will definitely be better to buy the predecessor on sale.

Motorola Moto G73 5G – specification and design of a medium with pure Android

If you believe today’s – quite official-looking – graphics, the Motorola Moto G73 5G is much more boring than its predecessor. From a distance, I could mistake it for a cheap Realme model. That’s because of the camera island. There are only two lenses on it. 50 MP sensor and 8 MP wide-angle instead of 108 MP on the predecessor? I don’t want to believe it.

The only hope is that it’s a lower model and the author of the leak simply got the names mixed up. If it were – say – Motorola Moto G53 5G, then such specification would be acceptable. The most painful thing is replacing AMOLED with LCD. It’s still 120Hz, but that should translate to a much lower price point. But let’s face it — Evan Blass isn’t wrong.

Motorola Moto G73 5G

Motorola Moto G73 5G / Photo by techoutlook

Let’s wait with the final verdict until the next leak. Maybe Motorola decided to go for an outstanding processor? I would like to believe. The most likely possibility for me is that it’s a lower-end model in Motorola’s 2023 portfolio. Just look at the thickness of the frames in the graphic below. It’s not appropriate for a PLN 1,500 phone to look like this.

Motorola Moto G73 5G

Motorola Moto G73 5G / Photo by techoutlook

Why am I complaining? Because the predecessor was a really great mid-range cell phone. You can compare them directly in the material below. It’s worth it, because the Motorola Moto G72 is a regular visitor of Polish promotions.

The Motorola Moto G72 debuted with pretty cool specs, and the price is affordable

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