Motorola will show two new foldable smartphones next year

It looks like Samsung will finally have some serious competition. And customers – a greater choice of devices.

Motorola revealed one foldable model this year – the razr 2022. So far it has debuted in China, but it is known that it will be available globally and the premiere is just around the corner. This should give Samsung’s Z Flip 3 and 4 some real competition.

Of course, the specifications of the razr 2022 model are already known. And it seems to have a lot of arguments against the Z Flip 4. First of all, it is a larger external screen that can be used just like the home screen. So you can view content on it, read and respond to notifications, etc. You don’t have to worry about traffic, because the phone is powered by Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. It has a flip-out pOLED display and its big advantage is the invisible bend. And the battery is 3500mAh, which should allow you to work from morning to night.

All this looks very promising, but unfortunately the price may be an obstacle to success. I wrote about it in this text. However, let’s hope that society will appreciate the device favorably.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a very successful device, you can find its test here. However, it can be seen that Samsung is in no hurry to introduce major changes and focuses more on “cosmetics”. If it finally had real competition in the market, it might have to work on a better battery or a screen with less visible curvature.

There is a chance of that, as the latest reports say that next year we should see not one, but two folding bikes. At least that’s according to a tweet by Evan Blass, who has repeatedly proven that he has good and reliable sources of information.

According to In 2023 we will see two components with the working codenames Juno and Venus. The codename for the one soon to appear in Europe, the razr 22 model, is Maven.

of course motorola did not respond to this information. Well, the company hasn’t even officially confirmed the debut of the razr 2022 outside of China. But everything should be clear in the coming weeks.

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