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Moukokon in Klopp’s view. Terzic is convinced of BVB’s position

Moukokon in Klopp’s view. Terzic is convinced of BVB’s position

Yusufah Mukoko

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Edin Terzic believes in Jusufa Mukoko’s contract extension at BVB. Meanwhile, “Liverpool” is also interested in him.

Yusufah Mukoko’s contract extension with Borussia Dortmund is still being delayed. As Jurgen Klopp tries to stretch his fingers, Edin Terzic still believes the youngster will stay.

Youssoufa Moukoko celebrated with a big smile after scoring an own goal in front of the home fans to make it 5-0 in the final on Saturday afternoon. What some wanted to see as a sign of a contract extension. his finger pointed at the BVB logo on his chest, enjoying the great cheer.

But the topic is not over yet. As of now, Mukoko will leave Dortmund at the end of the season as his contract expires.

The background to the wait time is currently a rather violent family feud. While the attacker’s father accuses his adviser of greed and blames him for alienating the young man from his family, he refuses to provide them with financial support. The problem of black and yellow. Moukoko won’t be celebrating her 18th birthday for about a month. Before then, his parents will have to sign a new contract, but that is unlikely to happen.

“One word. yes, Terzic still believes in Mukoko’s extension at BVB

Edin Terzic is not impressed with the waiting game. He still assumes his protégé will extend his contract and spend a year or two at BVB, respectively.

After the game, the coach was on the sidelines sport 1: on the topic raised. His answer. “Yusufa is not only an outstanding boy, but also a really good football player. He took a path with us, along which we accompany him. I think we benefit from Yusufah, but he also benefits from us.”

Terzic emphasized that “Borussia” gave him the opportunity to demonstrate and perform “at this level”. When asked if he was still positive that Mukoko would eventually be extended, the coach gave a short and emphatic yes.

Klopp is interested in Moukoko. top clubs are still playing.

However, Dortmund and Terzic are by no means the only ones who would like to benefit from the young striker’s qualities. English: Football Insider: reports that Jurgen Klopp would like to bring him to Liverpool.

Accordingly, the Reds would have had scouts in place when they beat Stuttgart, who were keen to get a more accurate picture of Moukoko.

However, Liverpool are not the only club looking at a potential signing for the youngster. According to the report, “Barcelona”, “Real” and “Paris Saint-Germain” are also interested.

Although a BVB extension looks more likely, Dortmund can only be sure once the new contract is signed. After all, it’s not every day a talent like Moukoko hits the market for a potential free transfer.

Everything about BVB in 90 minutes.

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