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Mouran, art critic

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in the article crusoewriter Geronimo Teixeira comments on the Vice President’s announcement Hamilton Mourao (photo) About the controversial scene from the movie A Fúria Ruy Guerra. Film production images circulated on Bolsonarista networks show a similar figure to the president. Jair Bolsonaro fell during motorcyclevictim of murder.

“This is not art.”he wrote Mourao on twitter.

For Jerome Teixeira, “It is resentment, and not ironywhich sets the tone for Mourao’s criticism.’

“Speaking of encouraging violence. Moura confuses the presentation of the murder with the incitement to this crime. He’s very close to claiming it Crime and punishment encourages young men to kill older women; The angry tone of the tweet is, of course, due to the fact that the victim “alleged murder” is a figure who mimics Bolsonaro’s style, from the bad suit to the winged haircut. But has anyone felt motivated to attack the president just because they saw a short video on Twitter? I suspect. In 2010, the 29th São Paulo Art Biennale featured paintings by Pernambuco-born Giles Vicente (the namesake of the great Portuguese poet and playwright), in which the artist himself assassinates national and international politicians. In one of the pictures, he shoots Fernando Henrique Cardoso in the head; in another, he cuts Lula’s throat. Are they art? I’d say they’re bad art, not because they depict violence against real people, but because the gritty realist streak carries a heavy kitsch element. In front of them, the visitor will feel the urge to curse the curators of the biennale, not to kill the FIU or Lula.»

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