Movies with Halle Berry and Bruce Willis on Netflix will fascinate you until the second ending

Halle Berry is one of Hollywood’s most uneven career actresses. Berry, the Oscar winner for Best Actress for her moving performance as a widow in search of compensation in the racial drama “The Last Supper” (2001), by Marc Forster, spends years in ostracism, as if she were looking for roles where her dynamism is appreciated, which does not always happen. There seems to be an invisible line that divides her work between good and not so good, although she is always willing to take risks and double bets in the noble intention of taking the film she plays to the top. This is what can be seen in “A Estranha Perfeita”, a dense, fluid, tumultuous plot. In 109 minutes, James Foley takes a walk through the minds of two characters who are tormented by ghosts from other times, as if they are condemned to relive an unhappy story they cannot escape. One of them, Rowena Price, of Berry, grows larger and larger, and the greater the height, the greater the chances of a dangerous fall, through no fault of her own, but vulnerable to the half-artifice slings after a dull first act. .

Screenwriters Jon Bokenkamp and Todd Komarnicki are heavy on their heads. “Perfect Stranger” starts out as a promising political thriller, with Berry in the spotlight as Rowena, an investigative journalist engrossed in a job involving Gordon MacDonald’s Senator Sachs, who is completely out of step with who she really is and what she stands for because as an MP.. This is perhaps the biggest of the many red herrings in Bokenkamp and Komarnicki’s text, along with hints about Rowena’s professional dreams, and she has a rather peculiar talent for getting those around her to take her seriously. In this semantic field, Foley also explores the reporter’s passages through hells like Iraq, where she carried out the imaginative coverage that helped the inept George W. Bush hold on to the presidency of the United States, always aiming for Pulitzers and lame parties at the home of the magnates, which never materializes. Alvis Narron, the editor who lived by Richard Portnow, clips her wings, but with the help of Miles Haley, the nerdy friend played by Giovanni Ribisi, she has a second (and crucial) chance to achieve the goal that seems to be the motivation for the movie.

Bruce Willis enters the scene as Harrison Hill, the tycoon with whom Rowena has a shady past, perhaps too late. Willis and Berry’s commitment to trying to create any kind of affinity is obvious and commendable; but even in the same setting, the antagonist and the central character appear to be alone, and the dispute between Hill and Rowena is transferred to the actors, as if they were competing against each other for the star status of the feature, where the dispute should take place only from a dramaturgical point of view. In the few moments when the subplot of the two raises a finger above the waterline, the director takes the opportunity to include passages from Berry’s anti-girl life in flashbacks that leave Rowena’s attitudes a little less ambiguous, a psychopath at the height of the man who has intent to wipe out.

In 2020, Halle Berry debuted as a director, screenwriter and lead actress in “Ferida” (2020), a very compelling drama about a former MMA fighter who uses the resumption of her career as a kickstart to the life transformation she so badly needs for. … It’s time Berry systematically invests in this niche in his profession, counting on the sensitivity to tell difficult and more genuine stories like the one he sees in “Wound.” “The perfect stranger” should guide you on what not to do.

Movie: The perfect stranger
Direction: James Foley
Year: 2007
Sex: Thriller/Mystery
Note: 7/10

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