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Based on the series by Neil Cross, “Luther: At Nightfall” brings Idris Elba back to the big screen as detective John Luther. In the feature film, the main character is arrested after a serial killer sets him up and reveals secrets and acts of corruption practiced during his work as a police officer. Expelled from the company and punished, Luther continues to be tormented by his opponent. First, because the serial killer obsessed with him, David Robey (Andy Serkis), manages to deliver a live broadcast inside his cell where he burns the bodies of several teenage victims. Among them young Callum Aldrich.

Days later, the dead boy’s mother, Corinne (Hattie Morahan), who was lured by the killer to the place where her son was burned, visits Luther in prison and berates him for letting the criminal escape. So Luther sets out to break out of prison and investigate who and where Robey is. As he walks the shadows of London as a fugitive, the former policeman also searches for the killer. When detective Odette Raine’s (Cynthia Erivo) teenage daughter is also caught by the serial killer, she agrees to work with Luther to find the perpetrator.

Robey is not only a sadistic killer, but he inspires other crazy people by streaming his crimes live on the deep web. As absurd as this sounds, the dark side of the internet has this type of content, but not only there. The surface is also dangerous. What delights in “Luther: Nightfall” is precisely that. Is that the plot is quite contemporary and identifiable. The use of the internet and technology gadgets to give more visibility to the murders shows how the society of acting and the likes works.

The nature of the psychopath already has this trait of liking attention. When you are a murderous psychopath, or rather a serial killer, you have a very modern and technological device in your hands to help you show yourself off to the world, and “Luther: No Cair da Noite” shows it well. The trails that humanity traces can make life much easier for people in general, but it also makes it easier for criminals. It helps them infiltrate other people’s daily lives, find out about their families, the places they go and their tastes. It helps to get to know their victims and then publicize their crimes.

In addition to placing viewers in a very current and tangible universe, “Luther: By Nightfall” has the elegance of James Bond, but with a little more realism. The main character does not have super advanced technologies that will help him during his investigations or pursuits. No ultra-modern device that causes a hologram to appear in front of Luther or no injection of adrenaline with a clock that counts the minutes of life will be found in the glove compartment of his imported car. None. Luther counts on the good will of some acquaintances and on his own intellectual and physical abilities to overcome his obstacles. Yet Idris Elba carries that aura of Bond sophistication, coolness and experience.

Although there are plenty of chases and a few fights, there aren’t that many action scenes with fast cars and fancy special effects. It’s all very understated and refined, and perhaps the film’s most pompous scene is when Luther confronts Robey in Piccadilly Circus, a kind of Times Square in London. There are several car crashes and bodies falling from buildings. Possibly the most complex scene in the film, not least because this was the feature film that had the longest scene in the number, which is a lot of movement. It can’t have been an easy task to stop since so long.

It should be noted that all this refinement of the character goes very well with Idris Elba, a strong man, 1.90 tall and who has a very elegant posture and verbal and non-verbal communication. He imposes himself on the screen and moves very restrained, but at the same time convincingly, balancing all his qualities well. “Luther: By Nightfall” is time well spent and worth paying attention to.

Title: Luther: At night
Direction: Jamie Payne
Year: 2023
Sex: Police / Action / Thriller

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