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MP asks WhatsApp to open megagroups after presidential inauguration

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The São Paulo prosecutor’s office has asked WhatsApp not to increase the maximum number of members in groups, nor to launch communities until the inauguration of the new president of the Republic in 2023.

As already in several countries, the company plans to increase the maximum number of group members from 256 to 512 and launch a new feature that will allow design megagroupswhich will host thousands of users.

in a letter issued by LeafletThe deputy noted that the new functions of the application will be: a “back” in the fight against disinformation and what the coming months will be “A period of exceptional risks for the civil integrity and security of the country’s population”..

The Prosecutor’s Office gave WhatsApp 20 working days to respond to the request.

in April President Jair Bolsonaro met with the representative of MetaThe owner of WhatsApp, to clarify whether the TSE has requested a delay in the launch of the tools in Brazil.

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