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MP-TCU is calling for the completion of the corporate card


Deputy Prosecutor General of RA Public Department court Union accounts, Lucas Furtadofiled a representation with the agency on Friday asking for an investigation into the use the corporate card of former president Jair Bolsonaro.

He also asked for the president’s corporate card “canceled” or their use is defined by TCU “in view of the abuses or deviations pointed out in its use”.

Bolsonaroas we have shown, spent at least BRL 27.6 million with a corporate card during his tenure. you hotel expenses were the ones consuming the most resources.

The corporate card details show that Tony & Thais Cafe, which is located Paulista PlateauSao Paulo South Zone, received BRL 626 thousand provided under Bolsonaro’s government.

in an exclusive interview with The opponent (watch here), one of the owners of the cafe, Antonio Rodríguez dos Santos, says that everything happened within the legal framework.

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