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MPF denounces the former chairman of Parnamirim and 5 others for embezzlement of educational resources

Federal Public Ministry (MPF) denounced the former mayor of Parnamirim Mauricio Marquez and five others involved in the diversion of federal education resources transferred to the municipality, between 2013 and 2015, in contracts amounting to almost R$3 million. They must answer, according to the participation of each one, for the illegal inapplicability of the offers, the crime of the responsibility of the mayor of the municipality for appropriation of goods and public revenues and criminal association.

The other defendants are then municipal officials Vandilma de Oliveira (Municipal Secretary of Education and Culture), Gersonita Cruz (Coordinator of Children’s Education Development), Francisco das Chagas de Sousa (Secretary of Administration and Human Resources), in addition to businessmen Cristian dos Santos. and Mario Lopes.

According to the MPF’s complaint, they did not request a tender process outside of the cases provided by law to divert federal resources – from the National Fund for Education Development (FNDE), of bottom Is from Salary-Education – which would be used to purchase educational toys for children’s centers and early childhood education schools in Parnamirim. As a result, the company PAE Editora e Distribuidora de Livros signed two contracts with the municipality (for R$ 829.7 thousand and approximately R$ 2.1 million). There was no price survey to support the contracted value and there is no evidence that the materials were delivered. According to the MPF, the hiring was still unnecessary because the city had purchased the toys on the closing dates, which had been improperly stored, causing damage to the public treasury.

For the MPF, on the basis of police investigations, violations of fiscal secrecy and controls and seizures carried out, the then mayor, Secretary of Education and Culture and businessman Sérgio Lopes”.freely, knowingly and voluntarily, in community of efforts and unity of purpose, they formed a group with the specific purpose of committing crimes against the public administration.“. According to the complaint “The scheme consisted of the mediation of ‘partner’ companies (with the current emphasis on PAE) by Mário Sérgio before the then mayor, Maurício Marques, and the then Secretary of Education, Vandilma, so that such companies would be hired due to inapplicability . offers and thus there was a diversion of public resources“.

Based on the operations Pequeno Rio and Libre Pretiosa, which clarified a series of irregularities in the tendering procedures carried out in the field of education in Parnamirim, between 2013 and 2015, through wiretapping and WhatsApp conversations, the MPF concluded that “the defendants created a bid-rigging scheme not only in those proceedings that serve as the subject of the current imputation, but also in others analyzed in their investigations.“.

In reinforcement, the inspection by the Comptroller General of the Union (UGC) pointed out that the toys could have been bought normally by bidding and highlighted other irregularities, related to the unusual procedural speed, the lack of motivation for the administrative acts and the lack of justification of the prices.

The criminal action will proceed in the Federal Court.

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