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MPs in the Chamber committee are fighting to honor the judge who prevented the girl’s abortion in the Supreme Court. see the video

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the meeting of Women’s Rights Protection Committee of the Chamber of Deputies On Wednesday (6) night, there was a fight between deputies Samia Bomfim (PSOL) and Chris Tonietto (PL).

The episode took place during the hearing of the motion for applause and recognition for the judge Joana Ribeiro Zimmerpresented by Tonietto and Rep. Diego Garcia (Republicans).

Zimmer is a Santa Catarina judge who, as reported in June by the press, The 11-year-old girl was separated from her mother and placed in a shelter for a month, so that she would not have an abortion.. The girl was pregnant during the rape.

According to the petition filed by Tonieto and Garcia, the judge deserved the recognition “For the courageous and exemplary defense of the right to life from the moment of conception”.

The request did not obtain a sufficient quorum and was therefore rejected.

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