MPT inspects Caixa headquarters and asks for an explanation of the complaintsEnglish 

MPT inspects Caixa headquarters and asks for an explanation of the complaints

On the 29th, the MPT gave Caixa ten days to comment on the sexual harassment allegations against Pedro Guimarez.

Taisa Oliveira

The MPT (Ministry of Labor) inspected Caixa’s headquarters on Monday (4) and determined that it would ask the MPF (Federal Prosecutor’s Office) to share evidence gathered during an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against the former. Pedro Guimaraes Bank.

Labor prosecutor Paulo Neto, in charge of the case, said the MPT’s focus would be to investigate complaints of moral harassment at the facility. According to him, as a rule, moral harassment ends up being one of the consequences of sexual harassment.

“The Public Ministry of Labor will focus on moral harassment without an embargo on assessing sexual harassment. Sexual harassment and moral harassment go together. Generally, when the victim does not give in to his advances, the harasser begins with moral harassment. He ignores it, takes retaliatory measures,” he said.

On June 29, the Public Ministry of Labor gave Caixa ten days to comment on allegations of sexual harassment against Pedro Guimaraes and Celso Leonardo Barbosa, the former vice president of wholesale sales.

This Sunday (3), the bank and Guimarez were notified by MPT to also clarify the allegations of moral harassment. Celso Leonardo Barbosa resigned from his post on Friday (1st). “From there [o MPT vai] decide whether to keep it as a factual news item, which is a preliminary investigation, to turn it into a civil investigation, or to take other measures. I got the information [da Caixa] that the demonstration is being prepared and are available for additional information,” said the prosecutor.

Paulo Neto said the main purpose of the visit was to get to know the physical area where the alleged assault took place before taking the evidence. The Caixa employee who sought MPT will be heard this Monday.


“I was received by the legal director [da Caixa], who accompanied me, took all the areas and we took photos that could help the investigation. It is the initial moment of gathering evidence,” he said.

“I went to the board that oversees the whistleblowing channel and it was explained to me that an outside company had been hired to ensure anonymity. The information is forwarded to the Kayaksa Internal Affairs Department, which then takes internal measures.”

Paulo Neto also announced that once the allegations of moral harassment are proven, the Public Ministry of Labor can apply to the assets of the responsible managers to compensate the victims.

“It is ideal [responsabilizar o gestor], especially when it comes to a public body, where the public often pays for the excesses of a morally abusive leader. If it is necessary to seek the verdict in the court, we also include the manager in the passive pole of the action.”
Caixa’s new president, Daniella Marquez, said in an interview with TV Record this Sunday (3) that she would conduct a swift and rigorous investigation into sexual harassment complaints.


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