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MS Firefighters Contest 2022: Ordinance sanctioned 260 seats for Soldier and Officer.

State Military Fire Department Mato Grosso do Sul will open a new notification competition public (MS Firefighters Contest 2022) The state governor, Reynaldo Azambuja, has authorized the corporation to fill 260 vacant positions.

According to the power of attorney document MS Firefighters Contest 2022approval for effective provision in serviceman and officer positions, distributed as follows:

  • 250 vacancies for soldiers; and:
  • 10 vacant positions of officers.

the permission of competition Firemen’s World Cup 2022 published in the Official Gazette. Now the next step will be the formation of the organizing committee of the event.

There is still no prediction of when the tender announcement will be made, but it is expected to happen in 2022.

“We want to strengthen our public safety with new police and firefighters, improve environmental performance across the state, and improve our information technology sector. We aim to improve public services and the population’s service”, the governor guarantees.

Also, according to the state government of Mato Grosso do Sul, the Secretary of State for Administration and Debureaucratization, together with the secretariats, will be responsible for organizing the competition.

“After the public contest, more policemen are coming to meet the demand of the population. This reinforces government policy in the area of ​​public safety, but we also serve the environment and our intelligence service, which looks after IT. [Tecnologia da Informação] of the state. Thus, it is another addition to the tenders that we have already ratified to further strengthen the structures of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul”, concluded Reynaldo Azambuja.

The last competition of MS Firefighters took place in 2018

The last public notice of the Fire-MS competition was opened in 2018. On that occasion, opportunities were opened for soldiers and officers.

The competition will be organized by the Foundation for the Support of Research, Education and Culture of Mato Grosso do Sul (Fapems). The distribution of seats was as follows.

153 vacancies of soldier, medium level

  • 137 vacancies for men
  • 16 vacancies for women

23 Vacancies of Officer Higher Level

  • 18 vacancies for men
  • five vacancies for women

The public tender had the following stages:

  1. Objective written test of elimination and qualifying nature.
  2. Examination of mental abilities (psychotechnical evaluation), elimination nature.
  3. Health examination, elimination nature.
  4. Examination of physical abilities, nature of elimination;
  5. Social investigation of the elimination nature.

About the post of soldier – MS Firefighters Contest 2018

Oh Firefighters-MS competition to fill 153 (one hundred and fifty-three) vacancies for the training course for Military Fire Service soldiers, as follows:

Male: 137 (one hundred and thirty seven) vacancies; and:

Female: 16 (sixteen) vacancies.

Upon successful completion of the Military Fire Department Soldier Training Course, the Student-Soldier CBM will contribute to the Quadro de Praças Fogo Militares – QPBM Soldier BM pre-completion, Praça do Corpo de Fogo Militar de career. Mato Grosso do Sul and will be entitled to an initial salary of R$3,352.53 (three thousand, three hundred and fifty-two reais and fifty-three cents) and all the rights and privileges of the position. the legislation.

Duties of a CBM firefighter. A military firefighter is responsible for firefighting and prevention, search and rescue, pre-hospital care and civil defense, barracks guarding, and assisting in various operations; comply with the plans, rules and orders from the upper echelons; perform other duties assigned to him by the CBMMS General Command, such as the following general assignments, among others; facilities, risk areas, urban divisions and their projects; b) to carry out fire extinguishing works in buildings, temporarily occupied places, installations and risky areas; c) acts in matters of protection of people and goods, search and rescue, emergency and pre-hospital emergency aid, water prevention and rescue; among others.

Requirements to join the role of a firefighter.

  • Be at least 18 (eighteen) years old from the date of admission to the educational course.
  • have a maximum of 30 (thirty) years (up to 30 years, 11 months and 29 days) at the deadline for participation in this public tender;
  • have a National Driving License (CNH), at least category “B”, valid for a provisional CNH;
  • have a school high school complete or equivalent with a certificate obtained from an institution recognized by a federal, state, or federal district educational system.

About Officer Post – MS Firefighters Contest 2018

Oh Firefighter-MS competition 2018 23 (twenty three) vacancies are to be selected for the Military Fire Service Officer Training Course as follows:

  • 18 (eighteen) vacancies for male candidates. and:
  • 05 (five) vacancies for female candidates.

Upon successful completion of the Military Fire Department Officer Training Course, the student-officer BM will be declared an official under applicable law and entitled to a salary of R$7,089.13 (seven thousand eighty). nine reals and thirteen cents).

Official Duties of CBM Firefighters: (a) carry out military fire operations and activities through planning, control, supervision, inspection, support and implementation; b) implements management of human, material, technical and operational resources; c) carries out the management and implementation of teaching, learning and training activities in education, qualification, specialization and annual qualification courses; d) implements the military judicial police in the records of the presidium of the military police intelligence and the presence of the criminal body of the crime of military crime; e) carries out the investigation of administrative offenses under the chairmanship of technical investigation, investigation and disciplinary administrative proceedings; f) performs the function of a member of the vindication and disciplinary councils; g) perform the function of a military judge of the Special Council of Justice under the terms of the Military Criminal Procedure Code; among others.

Requirements to join the role of fire officer.

  • Be at least 18 (eighteen) years old from the date of admission to the educational course. e) have a maximum of 30 (thirty) years (up to 30 years, up to 30 years, 11 months and 29 days) on the date of closing of applications for this public tender;
  • In the case of a state military candidate of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, effective military service of up to 20 (twenty) years (up to 20 years, 11 months and 29 days) on the application closing date; An institution in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul without a maximum age limit;
  • have a National Driving License (CNH), at least category “B”, valid for a provisional CNH;
  • have a higher education with a bachelor’s degree in law from an institution recognized by the federal, state or federal district educational system;

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