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Munich. Gambian musicians rap about their escape (video)

Watch the video: Gambian refugees rap in Munich.

These are Mam Ibrahim Makintaya and Marcus Nije. Both fled The Gambia in 2015 and ended up in Germany after a harrowing escape. They elaborate their escape experience in songs. Both were already involved in music in Gambia and met in Munich at a freestyle event. The two decided to rap their story and put it on the album. Men have experienced a lot, but they are silent about some things. Music helps them process their experiences, McIntaya says. “All my pain, all my happiness, all my experience. I just process it in music and it helps me a lot. I can’t talk to people about my stuff.” I use my music as my therapy. In Germany, even if you have a lot on your mind, it goes on. Do you understand what I mean? They always say you need therapy to talk about that and stuff like that. But I see the music we make as therapy. Because we don’t talk to anyone about our feelings and what we’re going through. Lots of things going on. Violence and poverty Nije says. “That’s why we chose music, so we can get the message across to the people who came here at the same time. We want them to get motivation from us, that’s motivation for us. Whether you are in prison or at home. Just know you can always do it, remember you can do it and keep trying. That’s why we’re still making this music.” And so they too are raising voices of hope. While Nije only has a Duldung in Germany, Makintaya is already halfway through his apprenticeship as a restaurant employee. Friends, relatives and companions come to Bellevue di Monaco, the cultural center of Munich’s refugees, for the first big concert of his band One Corner. And even if the system has technical issues and the sound doesn’t sound like the two envisioned, they don’t let that stop them. They rap, dance and show the whole world that music and migration go together perfectly.

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