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Municipal infrastructure plagued by rubble clogging

The local municipality of Matjhabeng said it buckled under the pressure of a collapsed sewers as the rubble was dumped into the manhole.

Blockage of rubble sets municipality back

The city authorities said the clogged manholes greatly exacerbated an already strained sewer system.

“The negative impact has been felt and seen across all wards across the city.”

Thokozile Nkuna – Municipal Spokesperson

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service provider responsible for carrying out the work

Nkuna revealed that Bloem Water had appointed a service provider, with the intervention of the Ministry of Water and Health, to unclog manholes where challenges were identified.

“As a result, residents are urged to refrain from throwing foreign objects into manholes to assist in the difficult task of returning our infrastructure to a functioning and efficient state,” she said.

She added that, recently, a large-scale dredging operation was carried out with the assistance of the executive mayor, and foreign objects, including rocks and plastic bottles, were found inside the manhole.

She further said the objects not only challenged Bloem Water’s designated service providers seeking to unclog manholes, but also showed that protecting municipal infrastructure is a collective effort.

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Foreign objects removed from manholes. Photo: Matjhabeng Local Municipality/Facebook.

Mayor calls on residents to protect infrastructure

“Our infrastructure is fragile and needs to be protected and taken care of, please don’t throw rubble into our manholes as this will have a negative impact on the entire sewer”, urged Matjhabeng Executive Mayor, Councilor Thanduxolo Khalipha; imploring residents to take responsibility responsible citizens.

Residents of Free State boroughs are urged to report anyone who sees gravel thrown into a manhole to law enforcement.

“We all need to come together and work towards a cleaner and safer environment,” concluded Nkuna.

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