MUNICIPALITY OF Barão do Melgaço – MT opens a public tender for INTERMEDIATE LEVEL

Municipal High School Full Vacancies Competition

in the state Mato GrossoThe: Municipality of Barão de Melgaço open a new notification public tender whose purpose is to fill 02 vacancies Tax inspector.

MUNICIPALITY OF Barão do Melgaço - MT opens a public tender for INTERMEDIATE LEVEL
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Candidates must have completed high school and have computer skills to compete for the position.

The proposed monthly salary will be R$1,764.10 for a 40 hour work week.


Those who wish to apply for one of the vacant positions of the competition can register until March 31, 2023 at 16:59 on the official website of W2 Consultores. The registration fee is fixed at R$50.00.


Candidates will be evaluated through objective evidence (categorical and elimination nature) Portuguese language, mathematics with questions distributed among the subjects; calculations; and concrete knowledge. The assessments will be implemented on April 16, 2023.

The competition is valid for two years from the date of confirmation of the final result, a period that can be extended once for the same period at the discretion of the administration.



  • Tax inspection in a broad sense, in all taxes of direct and indirect responsibility in the municipality, which includes the phases of their registration, operation, collection and receipt;
  • Special tax inspection for ITR (Rural Territorial Tax), from the stage of initiation of the Tax Credit to its receipt, using the tax procedures provided by the Tax Law and the agreement to be concluded with the Federal Revenue Service;
  • Guide and supervise taxpayers and companies with the aim of complying with tax legislation;
  • To carry out accounting, economic or financial analyzes related to activities of a tax nature;
  • Take measures with self-employed taxpayers, sole proprietors, business companies, cooperatives, associations and other natural or legal entities related to the taxable event situation;
  • Provide support to computer network users, including hardware assembly, repair, and configuration, as well as use of available hardware and software;
  • Prepare inventory of existing equipment, controlling purchase invoices, service contracts and warranty terms;
  • Educate users on accessible applications by providing troubleshooting assistance;
  • Contact software providers to resolve issues with purchased applications;
  • notify and compile breach terms and notices in accordance with applicable law;
  • Assembly of equipment and implementation of systems used by service departments and training of users;
  • Participate in the process of analyzing new software and purchasing applications.
  • Develop small programs to facilitate user support interface;
  • Perform backup and other security procedures for stored data;
  • Create and implement procedures to restrict network access and use, such as passwords, disk wipes, etc.;
  • Install updated software and make other adjustments/modifications for better hardware performance;
  • Participate in the analysis of parts/accessories and computer materials that require adjustment or configuration;
  • Prepare follow-up reports on technical work used.

PUBLIC NOTICE No. 001/2023

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