MUNICIPALITY OF Ouro-SC is promoting the selection process with a SALARY up to R$ 21 thousand

In Santa CatarinaThe: Municipality of Uro facilitates the opening of a new public notice for the selection process aimed at the formation of a reserve list in the posts at the fundamental, middle, technical and higher levels.

Image: Ouro/SC City Hall – Reproduction

Check out the features below:

Art teacher; Dance teacher; Level I Early Childhood Education for Teachers; English language teacher; Teacher level I Physical education; AEE teacher; Music, singing and choir teacher; Initial Series Teacher;

Nursing Technician; General Services Agent; Machine operator; General worker; Endemic agent; Pharmaceutical; speech therapist; Mechanic; Doctor; Driver; Nutritionist; Teacher’s assistant;

Salaries offered range from R$1,722.77 to R$21,433.08 per month, 10 to 40 hours per week.


Those who wish to apply for one of the optional vacancies can register until March 30, 2023 at the official email address of the organizing bank. OMNI contests.

The registration fee ranges from R$40.00 to R$80.00.


Candidates will be evaluated in the following steps:

  • objective test (category and elimination) with questions distributed between Portuguese, mathematics, general and special knowledge;
  • practical test for some positions.

The assessments will be applied on April 30, 2023 at 9:00 am.

The selection process is valid for 01 year from the date of confirmation of the final result, which can be extended once for the same period at the discretion of the administration.



  • Carry out a demographic, social, cultural, environmental, epidemiological and sanitary diagnosis of the area in which they operate, contributing to the process of territorialization and mapping of the team’s area of ​​activity;
  • Develop health promotion activities, disease and injury prevention, especially those most prevalent in the area, and health surveillance through regular home visits and individual and group educational activities, among other activities.


  • Develop activities to assist the classroom regent teacher.
  • To master work ability and methodical-didactic skills.
  • Follow the educational guidelines of the institution and the secretary of education, culture and sports of the municipality, committing not only to accept them, but also to integrate their pedagogical activities to achieve the goals and objectives; among other activities.


  • Establish priority criteria within the framework of local pharmaceutical support with the aim of making adjustments in the distribution of financial resources;
  • Participate in the formulation and reformulation of the municipal drug policy in accordance with the municipal health policy and the national drug policy;
  • Contribute to the planning (standardization) of the selection of basic drugs at the municipal level, according to the epidemiological and economic profile of the region, including, if possible, forms of alternative therapy; among other activities.


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