Murder of Jerry Lee Lewis at 87

the world of rock and roll he has lost the unity of his great icons. Jerry Lee Lewissinger and genre pioneer, this viernes died 87 years ago in his house and with his seventh wife, Judith Coghlan. I was your representative, Zach Farnhamwho confirmed it through a statement in which he explained that the musician died at his home located in Desoto County, northwest of the state of Mississippi (USA), for “natural causes“.


Llega ‘Rock Circus’, the most extreme circus in the rhythm of rock

master singer and keyboard virtuoso, Jerry Lee Lewis was born in 1935 in Louisiana. With so much eight years, the little boy begins to play the instrument for which he excelled most in his life, the piano. At a very young age, Louis would debut in locales in the area. More precisely when Elvis Presley beginning his professional career, Jerry Lee traveled to Memphis to record some of his most successful songs, such as Awesome fireballs -la, who also triumphed in the big pantal in 1989-, The whole Lotta Shakin gHello toand breathless. Even further, the artist himself would record with Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins, with those who would form the lamado million dollar quartet. His energetic way of playing the piano was noted by many, converting to your awesome ID password.



Muere at 68 Pep Guinyol, who played the constructor of the Mirador de Montepinar in “La que se avecina”

The stars of the rock and roll world were shocked and wanted to say goodbye and remember what a pioneer of the genre he was. “Sin Jerry Lee Lewis I had not become who I am today. It was disruptive and exciting and it smashed the piano. Also a brilliant singer. Thanks for your pioneering inspiration and all the rock and roll memories,” laments the success Elton John. Another acclaimed artist who honored the great Louis was Keith Richardsguitarist and founder of the band The Rolling Stoneswith a video of one of his sonade songs and a few words that followed: ““Adios al asesino‘, REST IN PEACE. Since 1983, a salute to Jerry Lee Lewis.Sad entry on the death of Jerry Lee Lewis“, he began to say John Fogertysinger and rock composer – and leader of the mythical band Creedence Clearwater and Revival-. “I love your music and your recordings and live performances have influenced me immensely, always full of fire and inspiration! Nadi could play it! God bless you, Jerry Lee“, he wrote.


Muere, 46 years old, magician and “Got Talent” semi-finalist Arsenio Puro during a live performance

Jerry Lee Lewis would become a legend thanks to his music – he was one of Elvis Presley’s early rivals back in the day. However, like so many rock stars, altibachos and eccentricities were also part of his life: luchó contra las adicciones alcohol and sweets accidentally fired a member of his band and who plays the piano on stage when the pidieron plays before Cartel lead singer Chuck Berry plays. From hecho, le apodaban con cariño the killer (he assino). take one of them scandals from your personal life more sonados was when it was revealed that the musician – 22 years old at the time – had married his cousin Mira Gail Brown, 13 years old. La pareja contrajo illegal marriage -el enlace duró from 1957 to 1970-, something that played against him for a long time. Jerry Lee Lewis managed to get married so far, even though those of their wives were wives.

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