My ex wife’s newborn has my last name – it’s so weird, people keep congratulating me but the baby has NOTHING to do with me

ONE man has shared the rather odd situation he found himself in after his ex-wife kept his surname following a divorce.

Anonymous on Reddit says that four years after their divorce, his ex-wife gave birth and now has a newborn.


Anonymous says he finds it odd that his ex-wife’s child has his last nameCredit: Getty

The only problem is that the last name she gave her child is the one she now has – ex-husband. He says it’s so weird and that people keep congratulating him when the baby has nothing to do with him.

He writes: “She kept my last name after the divorce. I didn’t necessarily like it because it felt like she was still attached to my family, but I understood enough practical reasons to not let it bother me.

“She recently gave birth to a baby and posted his photo and revealed his name. A friend sent it to me with a comment about the last name and asking if I was knocking her.

“I have since been contacted directly by four other people either congratulating me or asking for confirmation as to whether it is my child or not, and my mother says there are also whispers at church about it.”

While out shopping, the man said he bumped into her and her sister, congratulated her on her new baby and asked her name.

His ex-wife then confirmed that yes, she used his last name for the child.

In response, he said: “I immediately said it’s bloody weird that she’s giving her newborn the last name of a man she divorced who’s not related to the child in any way and it sounds almost obsessive.” .”

In the post, he clarifies that yes, the baby’s father is around and has no idea why the baby’s last name isn’t his.

He also adds that he has a pretty unique last name, especially in the area where he lives, which means that when people hear the name, they automatically think of his family and assume he’s the baby’s daddy.

Commenters on the post are somewhat divided on the situation, with one agreeing with the man arguing: “This is so weird. Why wouldn’t she give her child her maiden name and change her name back if she felt she didn’t want the child to have the father’s name.

“If she remarries now and changes her name, her child will have no connection to anyone in her family.

While another wrote: “It’s weird and it’s obviously caused problems for you and your family because people are asking you about it and it’s putting you in the awkward position of having to explain over and over again that it’s not your baby.”

But others disagreed, with one arguing: “Why do people think it’s so easy for a woman to change her last name back and forth whenever a man is in (or out of) the picture?

“She took your name when she married you; I’m guessing you’d find it weird if SHE DIDN’T take your last name. Now she’s hers too – and she wants her baby to have her last name.’

“It’s her name, there’s nothing you can do about it. You don’t own it, she chose to take it and she can keep it. That’s how it works. Maybe she just likes the name,” added another.

Others suggest that while the man may have felt weird, he was wrong to confront his ex and call her an obsession.

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