NASA has selected companies to create new lunar space costumesEnglish 

NASA has selected companies to create new lunar space costumes

NASA has selected two companies to produce the Artemis lunar program, the International Space Station (ISS), to design space suits. This will be done by Axiom Space և Collins Aerospace engineers.

Image source: NASA

A contract has been signed with the companies for the supply of spacecraft worth up to $ 3.5 billion, which is valid until 2034. have no guaranteed orders. However, they were able to meet the target supply requirements as early as 2025, including models for missions outside the ISS, the first astronaut to land on the Moon in many years during the Artemis 3 mission scheduled for 2025 or 2026.

NASA will assure the spacecraft. At the same time, companies are hoping to share their products with other customers as private space initiatives evolve. According to the representative of Axiom Space, the company already has potential customers who intend to go into space. In addition, Axiom implements its own space program.

The work of creating new suits is still at an early stage, although it is already known that we are talking about modular solutions, as light and flexible as possible. The survey will take into account the feedback provided by astronauts.

The new models are intended to replace the EMU suit versions, both generations of which have been produced since 1983 for the space shuttle crew և astronauts at the ISS. Both versions were produced by the ILC Dover և team led by Collins Aerospace. It is known that NASA today literally lacks new spacecraft, and the old ones are “aging”, which has already led to incidents in space.

Image source: NASA

The agency has been working on a new generation of space suits for 15 years, but its efforts have not been unequivocally successful. According to the information, a bet has already been made on the development of third-party manufacturers’ spacesuits.

The two companies involved in the partnership have already announced that their systems are largely ready, and that developers will use NASA solutions that have not been implemented when working on xEMU models. In addition, data on spacecraft for lunar missions of the last century will be used. so far these are the only options used on another celestial body.

The options offered by the artists were not discussed during the recent press conference. It is known that the developments of the two companies will be systematically improved to optimize the work in line with the tasks of NASA, both in space and on the surface of the moon.

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