Nathan donates to the association where his mother was treated for cancer in Fortaleza

With success all over Brazil, the Ceara Natani singer showed immense gratitude to the institution in Fortaleza and made his fans very excited. Forozeiro the artist visited the Nossa Casa association where his mother was hospitalized and treated for cancer.

Nathan went to the site to thank all the professionals who helped his mother and took the opportunity to donate food.

“Today, it’s been exactly one year since my mother was cured of cancer, and I had to know where she was so accepted and cared for. This amazing place where they helped me,” Nathan said on Instagram.

an expression of sympathy

Nathan is known for his simplicity and friendliness, and this time was no different. He spoke to the professionals in the association and charmed everyone with his attention, warmth and attitude towards patients and staff during his visit, spreading joy wherever he went.

The management of the association also disclosed the donation of milk powder and flour, boxes with packages of porridge on the same social network and thanked for the recognition of Forozeiro in the publication.

cervical cancer

Natan’s mother, Rosilene Santos, was diagnosed with cervical cancer. as a singer in 2021

“It was at a happy moment in my life that the blow came. I was conquering everything. It all made sense, and at the same time it didn’t make sense anymore,” the singer declared.

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recognized compassion

And it wasn’t the first time Nathan had shared the news out of compassion. Earlier this month, the singer went viral when he helped a fan who was injured in Fortaleza, Ceara.

Izayas Fernandez was taken to the hospital with the help of the artist and his friends. On Instagram, the resident of Ceara showed the whole situation of the night, which ended up in the hospital.

The artist praised the film “Soria” released on September 29. After the accident, the fan was taken to Evandro Ayres de Moura hospital in Frotinha, Antonio Bezera district.

Fans praised the singer’s attitude after the video went viral. The owner of the “Tem cabaré essa noite” hit accompanied the fan on the back of the motorcycle, and Izaias went to the artist’s car.

Nathan donated food to the facility – Photo: reproduction Instagramnattan

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