Nationalists launch a website. TV is coming soon

The website was launched. It is an Internet portal that the nationalists are behind, connected to their television, that is, the National Media. It may soon get a license and be picked up by over 20 operators.

New information portal

The publisher of the website is Telewizja Media Narodowe PSA – a company registered at the end of January. The Board of Directors includes the President of the Independence March Association – Robert Bąkiewicz, Piotr Barełkowski and Tomasz Kalinowski, who is to take over the position of head of the new channel.

This is the second attempt to launch Media Narodowe, originally scheduled for November 11, 2022. At the time, he failed to obtain a license from the National Broadcasting Council, and eventually the application was withdrawn due to strife in the nationalist community.

What will users find on the new portal? First of all, information from the country and the world. An important element of the service’s operation is video materials, including live broadcasts from the up-and-coming TVMN channel. The next important point will be the advertising content. Its authors include Marian Ball, Jan Bodakowski, Piotr Strzembosz, Radosław Patlewicz, Piotr Barełkowski, Ludwik Pęzioł and Jan Hernik. will not be another news portal based on listing information from other sources. Here’s what’s most important, but also what’s not in the mainstream media. Both in the media that support the Civic Platform and those that support law and justice.
Tomasz Kalinowski, Editor-in-Chief of the website.

Politicians from national circles have recently criticized Bąkiewicz for accepting donations from the PiS government. Despite this, the portal assures its independence and presents ambitious plans for its activity – 1 million unique page views in the first month of operation.

Home page of the portal (photo: Tabletowo)

Nationals are waiting for a license

After obtaining the necessary license from the National Broadcasting Council, television will be introduced on select cable networks. However, TVMN’s programs are already available via social media and on selected local TV channels, which can be viewed on cable networks such as TV Regio, LubelskaTV and TVT Regionalna.

It is true that last year the nationalists did not receive a license to operate their TV, but now Piotr Barełkowski said in an interview to the Wirtualne Media portal: “We should get a license any day now, we are waiting for the decision of the National Broadcasting Council, after which more than 20 operators will immediately receive our signal”.

TV MN broadcasts the traditional Holy Mass daily at 8:00 am. From Monday to Friday between 9.30 a.m. and 12.00 p.m. the band “Day Live” will be broadcast, during which Michał Jelonek will speak with politicians, experts and journalists. In addition, a “press review” is planned from 9:00 a.m. on weekdays. Other shows to be added to the station’s programming include: “Hammer on Marxism”, “Red Terror”, “Church Nation State” and “New Deal”.

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