Navarro’s mother reveals live that she played the Christmas lottery

Mother Navarroreporter from Ana Rosa’s program, if you had a lot of fun this December 22. During transmission of christmas raffle, the journalist announced live to all viewers that it is one of those awarded to those who have played the tenth, although he declined to reveal how long it had been. 🇧🇷Ask Sergio Murillo if he played a trick. I’m asking!“said the communicator to Patricia Pardo, who replied that everyone in the team took the same and that there was no news at the moment that hubiera had emerged as the winner.C. others. Of course I liked it too! No puedo decir la quantity. These things cannot be explained. Pellizquito to cover needles” he continued saying very happily and laughing at Karkahadas.


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In between bursts of happiness in her live-in relationship with Patricia Pardo and Joaquin Pratt, Mother also said that the waiters at the bar where she was were chilling a sparkling drink in the fridge to celebrate her happiness, so big that you can be a winner. 🇧🇷Esta el cava en la nevera. Now we’re going to take it out to celebrate. The next day I interview myself” he said mockingly to his companions, who from the plateau continued to talk on the subject, until Navarro cut off the sound and continued to speak to them as well, unaware that no one was listening.

Maika also assured that if he played the lottery solo with his friend Sergio, it was because he bought a number for them two years ago. 🇧🇷Every year we have a tradition“, says the journalist, who also explained that his partner is the one who manages all the reporters since then Ana Rosa’s program when you do the direct ones. 🇧🇷According to all the news, on the land of Catalonia the bell of the world, it passes through the door of my house. He says I’m the senora and I don’t want to move from the door. So to reduce this tension that we have and we’re the main characters, every year for Christmas we make a truce where he gives me a tenth and the other. This is shared“, he commented.


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And although Patricia Pardo hasn’t played anything, following the Mother news, the host revealed where she keeps the tens she plays: “Los tengo en la tetilla“says the journalist with a laugh, adding that she is superstitious and that, as she admits, Ana Terradillos always goes loads of lucky charms to celebrate Lotería de Navidad day🇧🇷

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