Neon and Terra form a partnership and create the platform “Tamo Junto no Corre”.

Neon, one of the main digital accounts in the country, and the Terra portal, one of the main news mediatech, present the “Tamo Junto no Corre” proprietary content project. With a modern language and content to provide services, the platform contains text and video content that highlights the voices and initiatives that affect the population living in the “quebradas” of Brazil. The formats will be broadcast from this month on the channel “Visão do Corre”, on Terra.

Fernanda Salgado, head of brand and communications at Neon, explains that the partnership with Terra reinforces the fintech’s positioning as the main financial partner of Brazilian workers. “Neon has grown strongly in recent years and expanded products and services that are part of the daily life of various customer profiles, including micro-entrepreneurs and individuals. The partnership with Terra, which is one of the main news distributors in the country, reflects our desire to be closer and to be the main financial partner of the Brazilian worker, to recognize the value and all the efforts of those who struggle to realize their dreams and ensure a bright future for yourself and your community.”

The content of the project will be distributed in a video series of four episodes, presented in a “gonzo” journalistic format, in which the reporter is deeply involved in the history of the characters, as a way to feel in his own skin all the effort invested in “running”. Among the stories that will be told are those of local entrepreneurs who have expanded their business through work and achieved financial independence, and leaders of social and financial empowerment projects that promote the social inclusion of various young people living in communities and slums.

Web stories will also be published with a focus on initiatives that have an impact on the periphery, focused on culture, social causes, entrepreneurship, financial education and technology. Topics will be expanded with informative reports with data and multiple sources.

Manoela Pereira, Head of Content at Terra, says:

“Visão do Corra’s mission is to highlight the achievements of people who are struggling to achieve their goals and dreams, but also to support them on their way with useful information that contributes to their daily lives. The partnership with Neon confirms that the combination of informative content, personalized formats and contextualized distribution brings greater reach and relevance to the audience.”

In addition to content that includes the stories of those on the run, readers will be presented with informative content, the benefits of the Neon app, credit cards and personal loans, payment via PIX, investments, among other solutions. Digital media delivery and advertising are also part of the content in ‘Visão do Corre’.

The partnership between the companies was concluded by DAVID, Neon’s advertising agency, and it strengthens the positioning and language of fintech as the main financial partner of classes C, D and E, with the brand’s latest campaign: “Vamos pra Cima”, launched in July this year.

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