Nestlé integrates the fields of media, branding and design

Taís Farias

December 20, 2022 – 11:48 am

Gustavo Aguiar takes over as director of communications and media at Nestlé (Credit: Disclosure)

Nestlé Brasil is promoting changes in its communication structure. The company will integrate the media area with branding, content studio and design.

The goal of the change, according to the advertiser, is to increase synergy between teams and expand the concept of growth marketing for Nestlé’s brands and business.

The person responsible for running the area will be Gustavo Aguiar, who takes over as director of communications and media. He will report to Ionah Kochen, Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Institutional Affairs at Nestlé.

Until October, Aguiar was Tembici’s chief marketing and revenue officer. Previously, the expert worked in companies such as 99 and Johnson & Johnson. “The integration between areas comes to remove barriers and catalyze our connections and conversations with consumers,” points out Gustavo Aguiar. He adds: “In this way, we will promote increasingly integrated and less linear connections using art, science and technology as catalysts for virtuous cycles of learning”.

In the same week, the company was involved in another negotiation. The Brazilian subsidiary of the multinational Lactalis has completed the purchase of DPA Brasil, a joint venture created between Fonterra and Nestlé.

According to the agreement, Lactalis will be responsible for the production and distribution of products of brands such as Chambinho, Chamyto and Chandelle. The movement also envisages a license to use Nestlé brands, such as Ninho, Neston, Molico and Nesfit.

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