Netflix announced the new horror film “Bielmo”. Christian Bale in the main role

Netflix is ​​preparing a very powerful & aogon; proposal & eogon; for & sacute; holy and new year. The horror film “Bielmo” will take us to the nineteenth century in which Christian Bale as a detective will have to & lstroke; dissolve & lstrok; and & cacute; puzzle & eogon; of the mysterious murders at the West Point military academy. Premiere in selected cinemas on December 23, and on the platform on January 6, 2023.

& Sacute; eye drawing & zdot; e si & eogon; problematic because of the code of silence, which hinders any questioning. However, the main character will be helped by one of the young soldiers, who once & sacute; will be known in the world as the popular poet Edgar Allan Poe, the forerunner of the crime genre.

Atmospheric, costume horror directed by & zdot; yserowa & lstrok; Scott Cooper, author of productions such as “Crazy Heart”, “The Pact with the Devil” or “Born in Fire”, where he collaborated with & lstrok; with Balem, stars & aogon; your latest movie. Next to the famous artist & aogon; pi & aogon; incl. Harry Melling, Gillian Anderson, Lucy Boynton, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Toby Jones.

The gothic atmosphere of the horror film “Bielmo” is created by the exciting & aogon; tkow & aogon; atmosphere & eogon; mystery and suspense

The film “Bielmo” was filmed & lstrok; based on the 2006 novel “The Pale Blue Eye” by Louis Bayard. Interestingly, Cooper worked on the title for a decade. Appear & aogon; si & eogon; the production budget is also speculated to be around $72 million.

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