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Netflix is ​​the leading streaming app in Brazil, RankMyApp reveals

Illustration: Cecilia Marins/Mobile Time

A recent study by RankMyApp on streaming app downloads showed that Netflix is ​​the top app in the category on Google Play in Brazil. Made from analysis of data obtained from the app store between January and October of this year, the streaming service is the only one that maintains an average of 1.1 million downloads per month and 11 million in the cumulative ten months.

Next comes Prime Video, which has a strategy to offer its streaming with the Amazon Prime delivery service. Next come Disney+, HBO Max and Paramount+ (which didn’t count downloads for January and February, but always maintained an average of 36,000 downloads). Note that Globoplay and other apps that mix the traditional linear TV model are not present in the analysis.

Top streaming app download results in Brazil (Credit: Mobile Time/RankMyApp)

“We can observe that, in the analyzed period, there is an isolated dominance of Netflix in relation to other streaming applications. We also see periods of fierce competition between Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and Disney+, though Amazon Prime Video leads the three in most cases, followed by Disney+ and HBO Max, respectively. Mobile Time.

As a result, Netflix has approximately 60% of the Google Play install market. That means, even if you combine the other four main rivals, Netflix leads the national streaming market.

Downloadable app market share (credit: Mobile Time/RankMyApp)

According to RankMyApp, one reason for this wide domain is the period when each platform was launched in Brazil:

– Netflix, September 2011;

– Amazon Prime Video, December 2016;

– Disney+, November 2020;

– Paramount+, March 2021.

by region

Map of searches for Netflix (red) and HBO Max on Google Play, darker locations signify where the companies have logged the most searches (Reproduction: RankMyApp)

Searching for apps (when the user types in the name of an app they want to download), Netflix was strongest in the Midwest, especially in the state of Goias; but it is weaker in the northeast – with Piauín having the lowest score in the ten months accumulated in the polls. Prime Video is strongest in the south and southeast of the country, especially in Paraná, but was weakest in the north, with Paraná being the worst state in terms of search volume.

Disney+ (blue) and Prime Video search data (Play: RankMyApp)

Disney+ had strong search dynamics in the Southeast and parts of the South and Northeast, with Rio de Janeiro the strongest and Piauí the least searched state. And the Paramount+ app is very strong in the Southeast and parts of the Northeast and weak in the North, with the best results in São Paulo and the worst in Acre.

Paramount+ Search Data (Game: RankMyApp)

“Searches are well distributed across states, streams have different patterns from each other regarding their searches,” RankMyApp points out. “It’s important to note the homogeneity of Netflix, as the country with the lowest search scores 85 on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being the country with the highest search. On Amazon Prime Video, the country’s number with the lowest search is 65, Disney+ and HBO Max 60, and Paramount+ has the biggest gap with the lowest search of 50,” he added.

interactions and categories

Ranking of apps in the entertainment category on Google Play (Reproduction: RankMyApp)

By cross-referencing and looking at the ad market and potential actions, RankMyApp looked for a correlation with other apps that streaming users also use. Among the applications with which these consumers interact the most are: Instagram; WhatsApp; Free market; Shopee; YouTube; TIK Tok; Facebook; and Subway Surfers. It is also worth noting that streaming apps are among the most downloaded in the entertainment category.

Netflix ended October in fourth place among the most downloaded in the genre (entertainment), Disney + in sixth, HBO Max in seventh and Prime Video in 12th position. On the plus side, Paramount+ improved the most in the rankings, from 42nd to 33rd.

“It is important to note that in the entertainment category of the Google Play Store, we have the presence of free applications such as MegaFlix, TubiTV and YouTube itself, which compete for the top positions with the applications analyzed in this study”, concludes RankMyApp. in her analysis.

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