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The beauty of cinema is how it can depict the most complete improbable fantasy, but it can also tell stories that are similar to many people’s reality. “Tonight, You Sleep With Me” is a 2023 film directed by Robert Wichrowski, which tells the story of the end of a marriage. It can be painful for some people to look at the screen and relive events that may have played out the same way in their past. I imagine that some can identify with one of the three characters that make up the plot’s love triangle.

Nina (Roma Gasiorowska) is a journalist who works in a PR company and leads a seemingly quiet and ordinary life. Successfully managing her department, she is married to Maciek (Wojciech Zielinski), a loyal and loving husband who also takes advantage of her professional success. The daily journey of both is heavy and seems to distance them emotionally. The fact that they have two young daughters also cools down the routine, as Nina and Maciek cannot have time alone. Still, the marriage seems to be proceeding without major mishap. As Nina sometimes had to push herself a little harder to get her husband to chase his dreams. Nothing much different from reality, right?

And it is at this moment, when the woman sees herself at a disadvantage in marriage, that dissatisfaction can arise. Some issues are strong enough to undermine the relationship, but as they accumulate and gain some more incentive, which in the film’s case was the arrival of Janek (Maciej Musial), they can really rot a lasting relationship.

Janek is Nina’s ex-boyfriend, who is employed as an intern in the company where she works. To both of their surprise, he is referred to her department. As flashbacks tell us how they met, how they loved each other and the end of their romance ten years ago, before Maciek, they get closer and feel the feelings of the past resurfacing. When Maciek takes a trip to Iceland, of course without knowing about Janek, he unwittingly makes room for someone else to take his place.

“Tonight You Sleep With Me” is about how fragile marriages are. The relationship between Nina and Maciek seemed very solid and structured, but in the small gestures and carelessness of everyday life, what could have been strengthened, which is complicity, appreciation of others and balance, was softened. When Maciek prioritized her desires and goals, overloading Nina with housework and family work, in addition to the leadership position she already held at the agency, the relationship frayed and made her run straight into the arms of her ex-boyfriend, younger and more. in love.

But when the man finds out about the affair, unexpected events occur in the film and put Nina and Janek’s romance to the test. Wichrowski’s feature film can be seen as a disservice to morality, conservatism and “sacred” marriage because, yes, it shows how the wife rebelled against the pressure and negligence of the husband in trying to keep passion and love alive. . The plot makes a lot of sense and can be very useful in discussing patriarchy, relationships and maternal idealization. Its problem is perhaps not exploring the emotions that drive each of the characters and the performances, which are a bit bland.

A film to also think about the other side of infidelity. Perhaps it is not something as premeditated and selfish as most people classify. Every story has sides and it is necessary to let go of preconceived ideas to understand them all.

Movie: Tonight you sleep with me
Direction: Robert Wichrowski
Year: 2023
Sex: Drama romance
Note: 6/10

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