Nettle manure is an excellent fertilizer. It will also help destroy pests. How to make porridge, decoction and nettle extract?

Nettles are not just weeds. This plant is extremely valuable and useful in the garden. This does not mean that we should let it overgrow the entire area. But when we pluck it, let’s use its properties. Nettles can be used to make a very nutritious fertilizer for plants, which will also help in destroying pests. You can also prepare a useful decoction and nettle extract – they will also be useful for plant care. We advise how to make manure, extract and decoction from nettles and how to use these preparations.

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A garden overgrown with nettles should not worry us at all. It is worth knowing that this plant does not grow randomly and everywhere. Nettles grow on soils rich in nitrogen. In addition, it chooses a fertile site with well-kept soil that stores large amounts of rainwater.

Nettle has been valued for centuries for its medicinal properties and nutritional value. The multitude of uses of this plant, which is usually found in meadows and gardens, is the result, among other things, of its wealth of vitamins and minerals. Nettle is a source of calcium, magnesium and iron, necessary for the life of plants and animals. It contains vitamin C in larger quantities than black currants, and its composition is supplemented with, among other things, silicic and formic acids, and essential oil. Folk medicine recommends that if you are tired in the spring, drink juice from freshly harvested nettles every day to strengthen yourself. You can eat and drink nettle for taste, health and beauty, but this plant is also very useful in the gardenand besides, it has versatile applications.

Nettles are perfect for fertilizer. This plant, rich in vitamins, microelements and nitrogen, feeds vegetables, flowers and fruits in the form of fertilizer, supporting their growth. It is most often used in the form of liquid manure, and is also perfect for mulching.

Nettle manure is a popular fertilizer among supporters of organic gardening. It is used for its preparation young plants before flowering.

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