Neugebauer is opening new jobs in Brazil

Company: Neugebauer it began when the first European immigrants arrived in Brazil and brought with them the recipe for real chocolate. In doing so, they created the brand’s chocolate in 1891, a creamy, soft chocolate that melts in your mouth and tastes flawless. Every piece is delicious and amazing. Therefore, they can proudly say that the company offers the perfect ingredient for those who love the taste of real chocolate.

Image: Neugebauer – Reproduction.

Neugebauer has new job opportunities all over the country

with general success in the early 20th century Neugebauer, the plant could no longer support sales growth and needed to scale up. In 1903, they acquired another piece of land and began building a 2-story building, which for a long time was the largest building in the neighborhood of Navegantes. In the new subdivision, the industrial area was increased and the first product store was opened. In the early 1910s, the company was divided into ten departments and the factory was served by two steam engines powering 30 machines and ten boilers for confectionery.

In addition, there were boxing and body sections, the latter served by electric motors driving 10 cars. The bonbons are packed in lithographed white plates, and the wooden boxes are also made in the factory itself. About 2,000 types of dragees, caramels, pastilles, high-quality sweets, chocolates and biscuits were produced.

  • Junior Materials Analyst;

  • Sales promoter;

  • Administrative Reception Assistant;

  • Utilities operator;

  • Logistics assistant;

  • A young student;

  • Dispatch assistant;

  • Customer service operator;

  • Industry Assistant.

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how to apply

Compete for opportunities offered by the company Neugebaueraccess to site 123 jobs and register.

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