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“Never needed a judge to take care of his son”

Unfortunately, when some parents divorce, both go to war and end up forgetting what’s most important: the best interests of their children. They put their hatred for their ex-partner before their love for their children.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Argentinian Marty Acosta shared a little on Facebook about his friendship and respect for his ex-husband, the young Mason Jesus. Benicio, the product of their relationship, is fortunate to have devoted and loving parents who put him first.

Marty spoke fondly of her ex, showing that breaking up is not synonymous with animosity;

“Hi, I’m not one of those people who make these posts, but today I wanted to tell you who he is. He is Jesus, the father of my son Benicio. We were together for years but it ended a long time ago, we have been separated for 3 years and even then I never needed a judge to look after my son or see the boy, he always did everything for his son that he should not lack anything,” he said.

Jesus is so devoted that he went to great lengths to build a house for his ex-partner to live with their son. He used his knowledge as a mason and was able to build a beautiful house for his son, built by his father’s hands and love.

“I can say he’s a great father, but this time he crossed the line, he didn’t mind working until time ran out, doing everything from scratch. I know it’s not easy, but you did it, when it comes to your child, you have no boundaries. You are not just a freemason, you know how to do everything, I am very grateful for what you have done for Benny and I hope that God will reward you double for what you have contributed here.” – stated his ex-wife.

Despite the shower of praise, the man was also criticized by some. Critics call Jesus’ act of love a “sucking attitude” because his ex-wife will also enjoy the house. These people do not understand that the bricklayer does not care about doing a favor for his former partner, who is also his friend. And above all, the most important thing for her is her son’s well-being.

“Benny loves you and you’ve made him so happy, we already have our own little house.”concluded the mother.


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