New Apple Arcade Games: The Stitch Casual Puzzle is now available to play

Stitch, the new casual puzzle game from the creators of Lumen and Tinto, has launched on Apple Arcade on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

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Stitch is a new Apple Arcade game about the art of embroidery

Created by the same developer who brought you the Apple Arcade Tint and Lumen puzzles, Stitch is also classified as a casual puzzler. With embroidery in a numbered grid, Stitch forces you to fill in areas without gaps to complete more than fifty hoops of varying weights and sizes.

It looks like fun and it is! There are thousands of levels to choose from if you prefer to match landscapes, plants, animals, objects and so on. Just select your desired hoop pattern, size, and category to get started.

“Like any other art form, hand embroidery makes for a calm, soothing and inspiring experience,” the description reads. “Developed in-house, the realistic embroidery engine helps you enjoy the feeling of playing with real embroidery thread on your device.”

You can share completed reels and discover new ones every week. Completing challenges will not only earn you points, but also the ability to upgrade levels.

Accessibility features in Stitch

Stitch even supports accessibility features to help those who are colorblind or visually impaired. For example, the helper feature for number outlines brings sharper number outlines in a grid with more contrast.

Those who suffer from nausea can use the Reduce Motion feature. And if you can’t make out the grid numbers, Stitch lets you increase the font size for better visibility.

You can play Stitch for free with an Apple Arcade subscription [Link da App Store].

How to see a list of upcoming Apple Arcade games

To see a list of upcoming titles, go to the tab Arcadian in the App Store, scroll to the bottom and tap see all games. On the next screen, click filters to narrow the list by release date and enable the option Coming soon.

Apple may remove some blocks from the catalog due to low engagement, often when contracts with its developers expire. Removed games are available to play on the service for an additional two weeks.

How to get Apple Arcade for free

Apple Arcade gives you access to a growing library of over 200 games on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. All titles are free of ads, tracking and in-app purchases. Apple Arcade costs $5 per month after a free trial.

Get three free months of Apple Arcade with the purchase of a new iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV (for more information, visit

Apple Arcade is not a game streaming service—each title must be downloaded to run locally on the device. Most Apple Arcade titles are compatible with Sony, Microsoft and MFi controllers (iOS 16 also lets you play games using Nintendo’s Joy-Con and Switch Pro) Read: How to switch Apple Arcade users on Apple TV

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