New AUXÍLIO BRASIL card. See how to register a PASSWORD

The new card Aid to Brazil It is already being distributed to beneficiaries by the federal government. The tool is sent via the post office and is sent securely, in addition to instructions on how to use it.

New card from Auxílio Brasil

The new card is issued gradually, according to the priority requirements of the Ministry of Citizenship. In particular, the device has a chip that guarantees new means of transferring the benefit.

In this first moment, they get the card Aid to Brazilbeneficiaries enrolled in the program as of November 2021. The distribution will benefit a total of about 6.6 million families.

However, only 3.2 million units will be transferred. First, families that live in communities that do not have Caixa payment channels or are overburdened are considered.

New card with debit version

In addition to full or partial withdrawal of the benefit of the entire payment network Sberbank and 24-hour banks, the new card allows the user to make purchases at establishments using the debit feature.

The purpose of the new card

The new card gives the beneficiary more freedom when shopping, besides, it increases the security of transactions. In addition, the tool has chip technology that reduces the risks of cloning.

How to register the card password

A more practical way to register the card is the app has a box. However, there are other options, such as visiting a Caixa Econômica branch or lottery houses.

Here’s how to do it through the app.

  1. Access the Caixa Tem app and log in;
  2. Select the “Auxílio Brasil” option;
  3. Then select the “Register card password” option;
  4. Enter the desired number and confirm.

Can a loan from Auxílio Brasil not be granted?

the expected release of salary loan for the beneficiaries of Aid to Brazil may not happen. The proposal can be vetoed by a request from consumer protection authorities to the Federal Government.

The request was made by the Collective Defense Institute. In the note, the agency stated that the Temporary Measure (MP), which increases the margin of the said loan, represents a defective service for Brazilian consumers.

The rationale is that a line of credit for low-income populations could increase the default rate, further exacerbating the economic crisis currently plaguing the country.

“Granting unrestrained loans to a society that receives benefits to lift it out of the poverty zone means allowing barbarism compared to feudal times, which constantly tests the limits of human dignity in our country,” the application says.

The organization also emphasizes that the population served by income transfer programs often lives in disaster conditions. Hence, the issuance of the loan Aid to Brazil and BPC will violate the principles of human dignity.

Credit provided by Auxílio Brasil

Initially, according to the original rules for payday loans, Auxílio Brasil can assume up to 40% of the loan cost. Aid to Brazil.

Therefore, if the beneficiary receives an amount of R$400, the beneficiary can take a salary loan and divide it into a maximum of R$160.

5% of the total 40% can be used for card withdrawal or debt amortization. The Auxílio Brasil loan will have a repayment period of up to 48 months with lower interest rates (around 2%).

It is important to note that there will be no need to carry out a credit risk assessment. Thus, all beneficiaries will be able to sign a contract with the loan. However, it is important to remember that the measure may not be published.

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