New Ford Mustang – cyber security will make tuning difficult

The Ford Mustang that debuted this year is definitely not a weak car. The American V8 gives it plenty of power. However, not everyone is satisfied with the factory parameters. Unfortunately, if consumers looking for more power resources want to increase the Mustang’s performance, they may be disappointed.

It’s still a Ford Mustang, but really computerized

It is true that the new Ford Mustang will start coming to customers in the middle of 2023, but the manufacturer has already decided to present it. We’re getting the most computerized Mustang yet, not counting the electric Mach-E. On board are many driver support systems, two large screens, as well as software that takes advantage of the capabilities offered by the Unreal Engine.

The seventh generation Mustang, despite the visible computerization, still retained the characteristic silhouette, as well as the V8 engine. We get 480 KM in the base and 500 KM in the Dark Horse version. Even stronger varieties are expected to join in the future.

But what if the said 500 KM turns out to be insufficient over time? ok setup can be extremely difficult.

(photo by Ford)

Tuning a new Mustang can be problematic

Due to the fact that the Ford Mustang will have a lot of electronics, and we will also get the possibility of a continuous connection to the Internet, the manufacturer decided to implement appropriate security measures.

The new Mustang uses Ford’s architecture called FNV (Full Network Vehicle), which was previously on board, among others. Electric Mach-E. It is designed in such a way as to ensure the highest possible level of security, including protection against cyber security threats.

The new Ford Mustang
(photo by Ford)

On the one hand, the architecture is designed to protect the car from various dangers. On the other hand, its security measures can make it difficult or even impossible to introduce changes to the engine. Well, if anomalies are detected, such as altered engine performance due to the use of a turbocharger or other ECU, the car may stop working.

Ed Krentz, Mustang’s chief engineer, confirmed the concerns of tuning fans. He stated that the new Ford Mustang will be much more difficult for tuners. This does not necessarily mean that any modification of engine parameters will be prohibited. Ford is open to various collaborations with tuners that will offer equipment to increase the power of the Mustang.

However, it is possible that initially Mustang owners will be limited to companies that have entered into official cooperation with the American manufacturer. This can greatly limit access to parts and even stop more daring projects. However, I wouldn’t be prepared for this situation to last forever. It’s likely that tuners will find a way to bypass or completely remove cyber security.

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