New game from the creators of The Last of Us should resemble a “TV series”

Neil Druckmann – director of The Last of Us series – will reveal a few details of Naughty Dog&lstroke’s next title. the team of writers, and the game itself reminds more of a “television series”.

Unlike The Last of Us and the Uncharted series, the script of the new game from Naughty Dog was created thanks to Druckmann’s collaboration with the scriptwriting teams. As we learn from the interview conducted by the New Yorker service, the creators decided to decide for the first time after a long time; for major changes in game production.

Neil Druckmann will discover, His next project is a game that is “structured more like a TV series” and is the only one Naughty Dog has ever created.. In addition, he does not write the script alone, nor with any collaborators. He gathered the whole team of screenwriters” – we read in the article.

The director did not specify how the production of the game resembles the work on the series. It was also not clarified whether the screenwriters employed by the developer had any experience with computer games. However, we can doubt that the studio once again aims to create a film production focused on characters and story.

It doesn’t rain even in an interview without a specific title. We learned a while ago about the alleged work on The Last of Us 3, although we have received no confirmation about it until today. Therefore, it is possible that the studio is working on a completely newą mark.

In the same interview &zdo;ę the series “The Last of Us”, which will already debut on the HBO Max platformż January 16, 2023. How się It turned out that the TV adaptation will not be full of violenceą as much as the originalł.

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