New Glorius Model O 2 mouse coming soon!

Glorius Model O 2 is a new mouse that features BAMF 2.0 sensor and durable construction. Wired and wireless variants will soon be available worldwide. What exactly can you expect from this device?

Glorius introduced a new mouse, which will be released soon. Talk about Model Glorius O 2, which will be available in a wired and wireless variant. The manufacturer claims in its press release that the rodent is “enriched with state-of-the-art improvements”. So what can we expect?

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The shape of the Model O 2 variant is the same as that used in its predecessor. However, the shell has been completely redesigned, thanks to which we can count on greater resistance and better balance. Glorius reports that the company’s intention was to create a product with excellent workmanship, perfect weight distribution and a comfortable grip. Its weight is 68 gramsand the buttons are supposed to resist even 80 million clicks. There was also an RGB backlight.

Glorius Model O 2 with a number of improvements

Improvements have also focused on the technology layer. The O 2 wireless model has two connection options. The first focuses on the highest performance (2.4 GHz), while the second offers a long battery life that reaches 210 hours (Bluetooth).

At the bottom there is a BAMF 2.0 optical sensor, which is characterized by high precision. He can boast sensitivity up to 26,000 DPI.

Model Glorius O 2

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Now it would be appropriate to move on to the release date. The Glorius Model O 2 will be available worldwide on March 14, 2023. We do not know the official information about the appearance of the device on the shelves of domestic stores, but it is very likely that it will reach Polish gamers in a while.

Model O is finally available on the market, so I don’t see any obstacles to the appearance of its successor in Poland. The price of this product on the official website is 64.99 USD, which is 290 PLN. More information can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

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