New images of Witchfire Shooter RPG. Renegade mages with glowing eyes, a magnificent castle and a unique witch hunter weapon

Roguelite fantasy RPG shooter The Astronauts from independent Polish studio Witchfire has become one of the hottest topics in the latest edition of Game Informer. New screenshots of the game have surfaced online, designed to showcase various aspects of the game.

Image source: Game Informer

The latest screenshots show the Witch Hunter’s array of weapons: a rifle, a crossbow, a shotgun, and a sniper rifle. You can even see a hand mortar in one of the screenshots. The main character of Witchfire deals with enemies at the foot of a magnificent castle, on the banks of a river, in a mountain village and at a huge windmill.

Many enemies here have glowing eyes, “heavy” opponents often hide behind thick armor, and they choose lighter clothing to maneuver. As weapons, enemies use daggers, axes, and the same hand-held mortars.

A new story from Game Informer says that Witchfire’s plot focuses on fighting renegade mages who practice black magic. The main character of the game is a witch hunter who uses fire as a power source for temporary and permanent abilities.

For Witchfire, the developers are creating a semi-open game world with quite large locations. One of these zones is comparable in its area to the action scenario of the detective thinking about the “disappearance of Ethan Carter” from the same “Spacemen”.

Witchfire Early Access is scheduled to launch in early 2023 exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

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