New Sony Walkman NW-A306 and Signature Walkman NW-ZX707 models

While it may seem like the era of dedicated portable music listening devices is long gone, Sony reminds us that their Walkmans are still going strong. The company has just introduced new models that should offer solutions that are not available in smartphones.

The latest Walkman representative of Sony’s offer is the NW-A306 model. According to the manufacturer, it was created for demanding users who are looking for high-quality sound and flawless design in this type of device. You can see that it was successful. The compact yet eye-catching walkman weighs 113 grams, measures 56.5 x 98.4 x 11.8mm, fits in your pocket, and offers a host of features we won’t find on smartphones.

And how is the walkman from the technical side? The NW-A306 model is powered by the S-Master HX digital amplifier dedicated to the Walkman. It reduces distortion and noise across a wide frequency range for a full, rich sound, further enhanced by new lead-free soldering. The NW-A306 is equipped with DSEE Ultimate (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine). It is responsible for improving the quality of music compressed from digital files using Edge AI artificial intelligence technology. All this is enclosed in a case made of milled aluminum. Its rigidity and low resistance provide clear and stable sound and powerful bass.

Sony also boasts that the new Walkman NW-A306 offers a much longer battery life than the previous model. Playback time for 44.1kHz FLAC files is up to 36 hours, 96kHz FLAC files up to 32 hours. However, listening to music from music services is up to 26 hours. The device works under the control of Android 12 and thanks to the WiFi connection, it allows you to comfortably use the most popular music applications and players that allow you to listen to the music stored on the device.

However, looking at the price of 399 euros (about 1873 PLN), the memory in which you can store songs will certainly be disappointing. Officially, the Walkman NW-A306 has 32 GB of built-in memory, but the actual size is “only” 18 GB, so storing your entire music library in the highest quality is out of the question unless you use a microSD card. The device will go to Poland next month, and its Polish price will be announced near the premiere.

Sony Walkman NW-A306 and Signature Walkman NW-ZX707

A new model of the Sony Signature Walkman player will also appear in stores in the near future. The NW-ZX707 is for the most demanding. Thanks to the built-in amplifier with powerful capacitors, the music played on it offers unprecedented quality. The device has two headphone outputs, traditional 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm, to which you can connect professional audio devices. Unlike the A306 model, the ZX707 has 64 GB of built-in memory (the actual size is 47 GB). The device also runs Android 12 and offers similar features as the A306. It is currently unknown if the Signature Walkman NW-ZX707 will make it to the Western market. The player will go on sale in Japan at the end of February, and its price is set at 104,500 yen (about 3,540 PLN).

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