New Xbox Game Pass Coming? You’ll play cheaper if you… watch ads

A new survey aimed at gamers suggests that Microsoft is considering a new form of subscription for gamers. This time with … ads.

“Ad supported” plans are the latest trend in VOD services. More streaming platforms are adding a new price threshold to their services. Cheaper, but in exchange for paying less money to access the platform – you have to pay extra sometimes. The time we “lose” watching ads. Not necessarily as arduous as in popular TV stations where commercials are endless, but you still have to expect several series of breaks. Netflix and Disney Plus already have such news abroad. And Microsoft’s latest research suggests that they may soon also be waiting for … Xbox Game Pass. Yes, the eyes are not deceiving you. The survey shows that the Redmond giant can offer gamers the cheapest subscription on the market, but you have to count on an additional layer of advertising.

Xbox Game Pass with ads. Microsoft would like to offer access to games cheaper than now?

The information about the Xbox Game Pass “promotional” package comes from Microsoft’s survey of Spanish-speaking users. His pattern was shared by a ResetEra forum user asking about a much cheaper plan. As part of the €2.99 subscription, players would have access to download games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog and play online. This would lack access to cloud gaming. Where’s the catch? Well – users of the cheapest subscription would have to watch ads before starting any of the titles. How much? That is not known. Even the catalog itself would be poorer with EA Play titles, discounts would not be offered to subscribers of more expensive subscriptions, and games from Microsoft would not go into it on the day of release, but half a year later. And if Xbox Game Pass with ads came to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S consoles and PCs in this form, it would be the cheapest subscription with games on the market. Even cheaper than the mobile Apple Arcade or the single publisher plan – EA Play.

Source: Reddit

The survey undoubtedly sheds some interesting light on Microsoft’s plans for the further development of Xbox Game Pass. It is also worth noting that at the beginning of September, Microsoft officially announced the Xbox Game Pass plan for family and friends, which is already starting to calculate even with two users:

The test program of the new subscription has already started in two countries: Colombia and Ireland. Thanks to this, we also learned the rates that apply to it, and I think they are not particularly painful. You have to pay 21.99 euros per month for a month of shared subscription – which is about 4.4 euros when divided among five people. This gives access to exactly the same options that await players paying for access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which costs 12.99 euros in the traditional version.

However, we don’t know at this point how long we’ll have to wait for its implementation in other parts of the world – but more options means potentially more subscribers. Something good for everyone. Would you play for 3 euros a month?

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