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New York Jets 2022 Preview: S Jason Pinnock

New York Jets drafted Jason Pinnock in the fifth round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Pinnock will play his second season when he was 23 years old. Pinnock was getting some work done with the starting defense throughout the offseason program. He is an interesting young talent who can provide a spark for aircraft. In 2022, Pinnock has a chance to play a big role with the Jets as there are some questions looming in the free security.

Brief review for 2021:

Pinnock joined the Jets as a rookie playing Cornerback, using him in college. By the end of 2021, Pinnock was playing it safe. As a result of some young corners ahead of him on climbs, tons of injuries and struggles in safety, Pinnock has been deployed to a new position. He showed some encouraging promise as an inexperienced young player for the job. Pinnock started two games and played 201 shots, most of which were late in the season. He ended up injuring him with a forced kick, and one pass defended.

skill set:

The reason to be optimistic with Pinnock is that it offers an attractive combination of physical and mathematical skills. Physically, he offers a generous size at 6 feet 205 pounds and an arm length of 32 3/8 inches. Pinnock offers versatility as a security now with its previous experience of playing in the back corner. In security, Pinnock can provide aircraft with man-to-man coverage capability.

Mathematically, Pinnock is quite talented. In the 2021 preliminary draft process, he received a 9.78 Relative Mathematical Score (RAS). He’s fast, as evidenced by his blazing 1.46 10-yard split and a good 4.49 40-yard dash. Pinnock is a very explosive athlete with strong agility in the boot. Finally, it showed some physical strength and durability in a limited sample size from last year.

Expected role with the New York Jets:

Currently, it seems most likely that Pinnock will be the third security. Strong new safety and Pinnock College colleague, Jordan Whitehead, has a locked elementary safety position. LaMarcus Joyner will likely remain the free safety initially. However, Pinnock will still get some chances. His off-season work with splash defense indicates some growth. Eventually, his role could expand. With Pinnock’s ability to play in man cover and more acclimatization to a safety position, he could develop suddenly. Pinnock is likely to be used as a free safety or in the slot.

Final preview ideas:

Pinnock is a young and talented sophomore who can play a role for himself in the new look of the Jets. If so, it would go a long way for the Jets’ defense. Pinnock’s youth and versatility make it an exciting potential asset. He has the potential for size, height, speed, athletic performance and coverage to be a contributor. Hopefully this season will take a step in the right direction and establish itself as a free safety and in individual cover situations. It would be great to create a few transitions. Pinnock should come up well for planes in 2022.

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