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New York Jets 2022 Preview: WR Garrett Wilson

Garrett Wilson was one of the New York Jets’ three picks in the first round in 2022. The rookie wide receiver brings a bewildering array of skills to the Jets attack. Wilson will turn 22 later this month. He is set to make huge contributions to the Jets in his first year.

Wilson before the draft:

Wilson spent three years of his undergraduate studies in Ohio State. Over the past two years, Wilson has been a hit. He averaged over 90 yards per game and over 15 yards per catch in both seasons. In 2020, Wilson played eight games and scored 723 yards (90.4 per game). Last year, he had 1,058 yards in 11 games (96.2 per game). In 2021, Wilson also had his career best catch-up with 70 and a touchdown with 12 points. He has received 23 touchdowns in 32 games played at Ohio State.

During the initial math test, Wilson scored well above average with an average of 7.78 Relative Mathematical Score (RAS). His main sporting characteristic is his blazing speed. Wilson ran a 1.53 10-yard division and a 4.38 40-yard dash (90th percentile). His explosive scores were good. He had a 123-degree wide jump (65 percent) and a 36-degree vertical jump (57 percent).

skill set:

Wilson offers a 6-foot, 183-pound frame. He has very large hands 9 7/8 (82nd percentile). Wilson offers versatility. He played in the slot at Ohio State in 2020 and abroad last year. His superior speed gives him the ability to vertically threaten effortlessly to attack aircraft. Wilson is very fast as a road runner. After hunting, he’s out of reach, hunting down defenders to tackle attempts.

The Wilson offers a unique fishing ability that is disputed by its size. He can jump and stay in the air and eventually modify his body into a soccer ball. His catch radius is incredible. One of his most important traits is the body control that Wilson has. Finally, in the red, Wilson is a dynamic threat that could make his presence felt. Overall, it offers a very complete skill set.

Expected role:

Even as a rookie, Wilson would be an integral part of the Jets’ passing attack each week. The Jets manage a complex attack, and learning the rules of the game is difficult for any beginner, but Wilson is known for his intelligence and should learn the system relatively quickly. Expect to use it in the hole and outside. There should be games where Wilson appears with nine to 10 goals. On average, at the end of his rookie year, Wilson should finish around seven. Expect Wilson to have chances to win on the field and in the red.

2022 Outlook:

With an expected target average, Wilson should have about 115-120 in the first year if he plays every game. If so, he should score 65-70 catches. From there, Wilson could finish his first year with 800-850 yards, which is roughly 50 yards per game. Knowing his vertical speed and red zone, and his contested pickup ability, even as a rookie would expect Wilson to score anywhere from five to seven touchdown points.

Final preview ideas:

Wilson will have his formidable skills and ability to make games on screen right away as a rookie. His ability to grow and become one of the best Jets players is there with time. Wilson and Elijah Moore could eventually form one of football’s best wide-receptionist duos for years to come as the Jets know their youth. With Zach Wilson expected to make the leap in his sophomore year, having Wilson is only going to help. By the end of the 2022 season, Wilson will have had a very good year with the Jets.

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