Next to DiCaprio, the Brazilian minister is being honored in Hollywood

Who will say? Leonardo DiCaprio next to Minister of Indigenous Peoples Sonia Guajajara. She received the GCFA brooch, which stands for Certified Forensic Analyst, with a diamond-encrusted sterling silver brooch from the actor. This is recognition in support of sustainability.

The Brazilian minister was honored at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA in the presence of artists and celebrities. The event is billed as the ‘Oscars of Sustainable Fashion’.

Sonia’s image has gone viral, alongside one of the world’s biggest conservationists, actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Brazilian biologist and activist Gasparini Caingang. The tribute was held last Thursday (09/03).


The Green Carpet Awards is an event that recognizes ethical efforts in environmental and social sustainability in the global fashion industry.

The brooch was handed over to the minister by Leonardo DiCaprio. It is not the first time that the two have met. DiCaprio and Sonya were already together at the event held on the eve of the Oscars. The actor previously congratulated Sonia Guajajara and Celia Cacriaba (PSOL) for their political victories last year.

By choosing Sônia Guajajara, the organization of the event justified it.

“For their extraordinary achievements in protecting forest rights and helping to place indigenous peoples at the center of the global climate agenda, and for their dedication to protecting and restoring the biology of the Amazon rainforest.”

Sonia Guajajara, wearing a multicolored cloak and headdress, explained what the efforts of indigenous peoples mean. “Indigenous struggle is a humanitarian struggle, by protecting indigenous lands we are protecting the air you breathe and the water you drink here on this side of the world,” he said.

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This year’s event was co-chaired by 2023 Academy Award nominee Cate Blanchett, Viola Davis and Tom Ford. Simone Ashley, Naomi Campbell and Jodie Turner-Smith were also in attendance.

In addition to Sonia Guajajara, Tom Ford, Gabriela Hearst and Elizabeth Stewart were honored. All received the GCFA brooch, a sterling silver dandelion set with a diamond.

A feeling

Stylist Tom Ford, wearing thick-rimmed glasses and a trademark suit, moved the audience by talking about the importance of the award.

“I cannot stand by as the planet slowly becomes covered in a thin, greasy film of plastic that will be passed on to our children and generations to come,” he said to applause.

The prize is a combination of cash and investment. The cash prize is US$1.2 million, approximately R$6 million, and an investment to support the winners in developing their solutions for sustainability.

This year the winners were Less, which uses only natural materials and operates in partnership with Natural Fiber Welding.

This year’s winners were those looking for sustainable solutions to replace traditional thin-film plastic, which makes up up to 46% of all plastic waste and cannot be recycled.

Ford estimates that 180 billion bags are used each year.

Minister Sonia Guajaharao with actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Brazilian biologist and activist Gasparini Caingang – Photo: Getty Images

According to The Guardian

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