Neymar’s mother’s ex-boyfriend gets her name tattooed on his ribs

Model Tiago Ramos and the player’s mother, Nadine Gonçalves, tied the knot in 2020

Playback / InstagramNeymar and Thiago Ramos
Tiago Ramos, the ex-boyfriend of Neymar’s mother, got a tattoo in her honor.

Model Thiago Ramos got a tattoo of his ex-girlfriend’s name Nadine Gonçalveswho is the player’s mother Neymar Jr. In a video published on Monday, the 18th, which is circulating on social networks, a tattoo artist writes her name on the model’s ribs. After the criticism, Tiago Ramos reacted to the comments Instagram. “Speak well or speak badly, but keep talking about me. My name will not leave your head. While you’re talking, I’m winning. The opinion of those who do not like me is worthless”, he commented. The romance between the model and the soccer player’s mother started in April 2020. However, the relationship was marked by ups and downs and ended some time ago.

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