NIK: Buying municipal apartments is illegal. Communities break the law en masse

The purchase of municipal apartments by tenants is very often in violation of the law, the State Audit Office has revealed. Problems were identified in 19 out of 20 surveyed municipalities. It was for example unauthorized charging of additional costs to tenants.


Communal housing is a topic that evokes a lot of emotions. Some believe that there are too few of them and that they should be built as much as possible, others that they should be completely eliminated. Attention is also drawn to numerous problems associated with such spaces. For example, the NIK audit in 2019 determined, among other things, the following: needy people sometimes wait several years for an apartmentand the technical condition of municipal buildings is often far from desired (which should not be surprising considering their age).

Disappointing conclusions were also drawn from the last inspection, during which the issue of privatization (purchase) of municipal apartments in five voivodships in the period 2016-2021 was examined. According to NIK, only in 1 of the 20 inspected municipalities were the municipal premises privatized in accordance with the regulations. In others, numerous problems were discovered, such as:

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